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At HookahMarket you can buy shisha and pick up all the necessary accessories. We offer a wide range of hookah tongs from durable and reliable materials. There are a variety of options. You can buy simple and laconic tools or with an original design, made of stainless steel. Stylishly designed tongs with unusual shape fulfill also a decorative function. This point is very important for the true connoisseurs of smoking. The aesthetic side is no less important than the practical function.

The choice is offered according to the price segment; there are expensive models with author's design, which can be purchased as a gift for connoisseurs of hookah. There are also cheaper tools for everyday use.

Advantages of Tongs


Safe work with the glowing coal

Comfortable grip

Providing a comfortable grip

Hands clean

Allows you to keep your hands clean

Used for all stages

Used for all stages of shisha preparation


Stylish original design

For home and professional use

For home and professional use

Good springiness

Good springiness

Material does not heat uph

Material does not heat uph

Application of Tongs

In the preparation of hookah you cannot do without this accessory. The tongs allow you to safely remove the charcoal from the heater devices. They also provide its convenient turning in the bowl. Many people use simple pliers, scissors and other improvised means. But it is better to buy special tools to protect yourself as much as possible.

The tongs allow you to protect not only your hands from the hot charcoal, but also the table or the floor if the hookah stands on it. Often, if you use improvised tools and an uncomfortable grip, the charcoal can slip and fall to the surface. To prevent a fire, it is recommended that you work with reliable tools.

Range of Tongs in HookahMarket Store

We offer a large selection of accessories for working with coal. In our assortment the following variants of tongs are presented:

  • with thin ends for a comfortable grip on the charcoal;
  • with individual cyberpunk design;
  • in the form of a pocket knife;
  • in the shape of bird's wings.

Some models come with a handy pouch for carrying and storing the tool. Presented a large selection of colors.

Shisha Tongs

How to Choose the Tongs for Hookah

In order to buy suitable tongs, it is necessary to pay attention to such criteria:

  • Appearance. The simpler models are suitable for home use. Designer accessories are often purchased for work in a professional establishment or as a gift.
  • Length. Tools can be short or medium length. There are variants with longer length for a more comfortable grip of charcoal with a large or deep heater devices.
  • Material of manufacture. Stainless steel models are more reliable and durable. They have a long life and do not get hot from the charcoal.

In HookahMarket you can buy quality and convenient tongs of any kind and at different cost. We offer delivery all over the UAE. To Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman orders are sent on the day of purchase, if it has been made on the site before 5 pm. If you have any questions about product selection, contact our consultants on +971 52 221 1623.