Hookah Bowl: Types, Tips for Care and Accessory Selection

Hookah Bowl Types, Tips for Care and Accessory Selection

Hookah bowls are made of various materials: clay, ceramics, metal, silicone. What are the features of each of them? Which one is better to choose for home use? This and much more in our new review.

Clay Shisha Heads

Clay Shisha Head

The classic hookah bowl is a clay bowl.

Thanks to the clay material, the tobacco evaporates excess moisture through the holes in the bottom and heats evenly. In addition, the holes at the bottom provide an easy draught. Clay has a big disadvantage - it absorbs odors. You should thoroughly clean the shisha head of tobacco after each use.

Tip! Clay bowl should not be exposed to sudden changes in temperature - before you wash the bowl, it must be cooled.

When choosing a clay bowl, you should pay attention to some parameters:

  • The size of the bowl - a small bowl is more convenient for home use.
  • Edges of the clay bowl: it is important that the edges are flat, without flaws.

Ceramic Bowls

Ceramic Bowls

They are made of ceramic and have a smooth coating. Ceramic shisha head is the main competitor of its clay counterpart.

From the significant advantages: easy to clean, easy to use: the holes in the bowl are narrower - eliminating the possibility of getting tobacco in the shaft. The mixture heats evenly, it does not burn.

Tip! Do not cool the bowl with cold water. Cracks and other defects may appear.

Ceramic shisha head do not absorb odors.

How to choose a ceramic bowl?

  • It should not have cracks, chips, or other damage.
  • It should have smooth edges. To check, put the bowl on the table and check for gaps.

Metal Shisha Heads

Metal Shisha Head

Metal shisha bowls look original and unusual. Unlike ceramic and clay bowls, they are strong and resistant to impact. The tobacco heats quickly and evenly. Are there any disadvantages?

Sure. The fact that tobacco heats up quickly is both a plus and a minus. Tobacco should be heated smoothly - this affects the more concentrated flavor and aroma of the smoke.

Metal bowl is bought rarely. Because metal heats up faster than other materials, tobacco often burns.

How to choose a bowl of metal?

  • Choose a medium size bowl: large shisha head take a long time to smoke, while small ones shorten the smoking process.
  • The bowl should have a smooth top cut.
  • Good for mixing tobaccos are bowls with dividing walls.

Silicone Bowls

Silicone Bowls

Previously, silicone has never been used to produce a hookah bowl. However, as practice has shown, silicone bowl has all the properties of a clay bowl, and sometimes surpasses it.

Silicone shisha head boast a wide range of variations: funnel, classic, deep, shallow. They heat up quickly, especially compared to clay bowls - in 3-5 minutes. What is important, the tobacco does not burn, even if you cover the shisha head.

Silicone bowl does not melt! Since the melting temperature of silicone is much higher than the temperature of coals. Also, silicone does not absorb odors.

The bowl is easy to clean, due to the fact that it does not allow tobacco to burn and is itself very flexible.

Of the minuses:

  • The need for more heat if compared to a clay bowl.
  • Cracks appear with prolonged use.
  • Peculiarities of hammering tobacco in a silicone bowl do not differ from a traditional one.

We hope that our material was useful to you.