How Do I Make an Over Pack Score?

Over pak is one of the ways to score a bowl, which implies a strong taste of tobacco. If the smoker is a beginner, this option may not appeal to him, and even discourage him from buying a hookah. Only experienced smokers, with a desire to get a stronger and richer taste will be able to truly appreciate all the benefits of the over pack.

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The Way to Score Tobacco for the Gourmet Smoker

Smokers come to hammering overpacks gradually, choosing a stronger tobacco each time. Such people can already smoke a strong blend without the shadow of a wrinkle.

Overpack is characterized by a heavy, strong smoke and a longer smoking session. If you want to try a stronger version and are ready for it, use these simple tips to prepare your puff:

  • Choose tobacco blends that are strong (dark). Experts recommend using Tangiers, DarkSide or Nakhla (but it must be pressed, because more moisture reduces the strength);
  • In choosing a bowl for the overpak, stop at the clay and ceramic accessory. Silicone variants are better not to apply, they do not have the necessary conductivity of heat for effective smoking;
  • Dryness of the tobacco. If you have a wetter variety be sure to squeeze out the excess moissel;
  • Dense clogging. Airy and loose stacking of tobacco leaves is not good for overpacks. So, the stacking should be soulful, before forming a hump in the middle. The amount of tobacco at the top is almost equal to the content of the bowl. Thus, the density of the clogging determines the density and the finesse of the smoke. Accordingly, a looser clog gives a lighter version of the overpack;
  • Laying the foil layer as densely as possible. Thus, the tobacco leaves should evenly and closely adhere to the foil;
  • Correct holes. They differ from the usual piercing of the foil with their depth. So, for a tight score, the holes should be made to the bottom of the cup, this allows the circulation of heat and even heating of the tobacco;
  • Coals are placed more on the edges of the bowl, on average use 4 cubes;
  • Further it is necessary to wait till 10 minutes while the tobacco is heated, and better yet to cover additionally with a cap. During this period, the top layer creates a baked crust, which in turn will make a greenhouse effect for the mixture, which excludes burning.

Strong Over pack is not suitable for beginners, they may feel worse, it is important to take it into account if you use the smoking device very rarely. Only experienced lovers of hookah smoke and good, rich tobacco will be able to appreciate this taste.

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Tips from Hookah Makers

Experienced waterpipe makers have a few simple rules that they use to prepare a good strong smoke:

  • The bitterness of the smoke is removed by a well-baked crust (you can hear a characteristic sound when it forms);
  • Before you start smoking, be sure to blow the device well;
  • To control the level of heat more easily, take tobacco in 4 layers;
  • You can use Kalouds, but take into account that you will have to clean it from the baked tobacco;
  • Choose dark tobaccos that are heat resistant (Tangiers, DarkSide, Nakhla, Afzal, etc.);
  • Among the bowls give preference to classic clay mold options.

Overpack filling is a great solution for smokers with a lot of experience. It reveals the true taste of tobacco and its real strength.