How much Water to Pour into the Hookah Flask for a Pleasant Smoking

How much Water to Pour into the Hookah Flask for a Pleasant Smoking

Enjoyable and long-lasting hookah Dubai smoking depends on many factors. It is the right filling of good tobacco, the selection and heating of charcoal. Also, an indispensable aspect is the liquid in the shisha flask to filter the smoke. The best option is water, which will not change the taste of the mixture. How much water to pour into the flask? This question many novice smokers ask. Our experts will reveal all the features of the use of water in the vessel, the right amount for an effective process.

Why Is There Water in the Shisha Flask?

Why Is There Water in the Flask

The main purpose of the liquid (water) in the flask is to make the flow of smoke cooler and wetter for users. Also, an important function of water is to be a filter, which will clean the smoke from harmful components: carcinogens, impurities and other substances.

If there is not enough liquid, the smoke will be warm and cause a burning sensation in the throat. When there is too much water, the draught becomes heavy and the saturation of the taste of the tobacco mixture is significantly reduced.

So, experts recommend using an amount of liquid that will cover the dip tube by 2 - 3 cm. This is the only way to get a pleasant draught and a quality, clean and cool stream of smoke.

Keep in mind the purity and quality of the water. The option of running or already used for smoking is excluded, it is bad for health and spoils the taste.

Water to Tobacco Ratio

Water to Tobacco Ratio

Experienced hookah connoisseurs know the secrets of a good hookah, which are related directly to the liquid in the flask. They often determine the amount of water by the type of tobacco mixture used:

  • Strong tobacco is the choice of the classic, or heavier draught lover. Such a variant contains more nicotine. When using a stout, the dip tube should be about 4 cm into the water. For this type of tobacco blend, water is sometimes replaced with milk, which can make the smoking softer and clears the smoke well;
  • For medium and light strength tobacco, a standard immersion of 2 - 3 cm will be sufficient.

So, before pouring the right amount of liquid, decide on the type of tobacco mixture.

Other Options for Determining the Amount of Liquid

Other Options for Determining the Amount of Liquid

Alternatives for correctly determining the level of water in the flask can be vessels of transparent type, with a special marking or shaft with a special marking. But sometimes the coloring or design does not allow you to see the amount of liquid. What to do?

One way to pour the right amount of water is to put the shaft on top and match the location of the dip tube. This is not very easy for a beginner, but with time you can get the hang of it.

The shape of the flask can also be a nuance. When the neck is longer, a large amount of water will negatively affect the circulation of smoke. Always, there should be extra space where the flask bends.

If you have a diffuser, the water level is measured from the diffuser itself, on the top row of holes. If there is not enough liquid, there will just be air in the puff.

These recommendations from experts can be applied to all liquids that are used in the flask for smoking hookah. If you want even cooler smoke, add a few ice cubes to the flask.