How Often Can I Smoke Hookah?

How Often Can I Smoke Hookah

Today there is no such medical term as "hookah addiction". But this does not mean that the problem of frequent shisha smoking does not concern health professionals at all. And although there are a lot of opinions on this subject, we can say with certainty only that there are minimal addictive risks, but not for all fans of exquisite flavors. If you have decided to buy hookah, we recommend reading this article.

How Long Can I Smoke Shisha?

How Long Can I Smoke Shisha

Everyone has different criteria in this matter. One person may be satisfied with a rare weekend smoke with friends, while another may smoke a shisha head at home every day. In fact, it all depends on the individual characteristics of the body, standards of consciousness and personal culture of smoking. If we're talking about sober time with unhurried conversation, then even one bowl may well be stretched for several hours. All the more so because the filling is easily regulated by the amount of smoking mixture.

Professionals advise - so that there is no addiction, smoke no more than one bowl in 3-4 days. And spend as much time on it as possible, because a quick smoke is definitely not going to do any good. And it's always worth remembering that after about an hour the flavors may fade. Then try to change the coals, which should be sufficiently heated. If the change does not rid the smoke of the unpleasant taste, it means that the dressing has definitely exhausted itself.

Should I Be Afraid of Addiction?

Should I Be Afraid of Addiction

Nicotine, which is considered the main cause of tobacco addiction, is found in small concentrations in hookah mixtures. Unless we are talking about several hookahs a day, it is almost impossible to get used to this activity to the point of losing control over yourself.

Psychologists and doctors are more concerned about psychological addiction, which is formed as a stable connection between hookah smoking and emotional relaxation in good company. And if you add to this the habit of smoking together with alcohol intake, this combination is able to create a powerful associative chain in the mind. Therefore, the fans of smoking in company should only be afraid of their brain. Because it is the brain that quickly establishes a reliable "bridge" between Saturday rest, pleasant company, the "pleasure" of alcohol and fragrant smoke.

How to Calculate the Right Time to Smoke a Hookah?

How to Calculate the Right Time to Smoke a Hookah

In this case, you need to consider the following factors that affect smoking time:

  • The volume of the bowl;
  • the number of smokers;
  • temperature mode;
  • the quality of the smoking mix;
  • the intensity of puffs.

Dense filling of hookah tobacco will prolong the time and pleasure of smoking. The main point in this process is the competent maintenance of the optimal temperature of shisha charcoal. Because too hot briquettes will quickly evaporate the syrup contained in the mixture. And insufficient heating of coals will inevitably form an unpleasant smoke after half an hour.

Periodic replacement of coals is another important detail that allows you to prolong the life of a single load. If we are talking about 22-size hookah charcoal, then in such a device you should change the charcoal at least once every 15-20 minutes.

Well and be sure to mention another important factor - it is a subjective value of the smoking process. Some smokers like to have a good conversation, while others inhale constantly for the purpose of physical relaxation.

In all cases, you should choose hookah Dubai bars with good equipment and knowledgeable, skilled hookah makers.  And you should never abuse this noble pleasure, which originally emerged as a desire for moderation, tranquility and complacency.