How to Clean a Hookah at Home? Hookah Care

How to Clean a Hookah at Home

You have to take care of your favorite things. In fact, it's important to take care of all things. This is especially true for devices that can affect your health.

The taste of your shisha depends directly on how well you take care of it. If you don't clean your hookah, in addition to making it look ugly externally, it will have the taste of that carbonation and syrup settling from it and past shishas, which will ruin your smoking. In this material, we will break down the question of how to wash a hookah at home, and with what you can do it.

Can I Wash My Hookah?

You can and should. In good hookah houses, the devices are washed after every hit, so that the guests do not feel the same flavor. This applies to both the flask, shaft and hose, as well as the hookah with the bowl. After washing, remember to wipe all parts of the hookah dry. Otherwise, oxidation processes may start, which will reduce the life of your device.

In order to wash a clay bowl, it should be well heated or soaked in hot water - in another way to clean such a porous material as clay will not work. If the bowl is made of glazed ceramic or silicone, you can use a sponge and a detergent. If the odor is particularly pungent, you can turn to a steam cleaner or steamer - they do an excellent job with these types of stains.

To clean a shisha kaloud, soak it in hot water for 15-20 minutes. You can add detergent to the water for more soaking. After that, the burnt residue can be scrubbed off with a metal brush. The presence of soot on the pad can be the cause of ruined tobacco flavor, so don't think that washing the cauldron can be neglected.

You should not throw the bowl or kaloud in cold water immediately after smoking. Constant temperature changes negatively affect the quality of the metal - over time, the kaloud can simply deform because of this attitude. The bowl, on the other hand, may burst with sudden temperature changes, because in the heated state the pores of the clay are maximally open.

How to Clean a Shisha with Baking Soda

First, to clean the shisha, you need to fill the flask with hot water. After this, it is necessary to pour soda inside and wait for 10-15 minutes. When the solution in the flask is sufficiently infused, you need to stick a scrubber inside and give it a good scrubbing of the entire internal volume. Then, the dirty water is drained off, and the flask is rinsed under running water so that you can remove the remaining bits of plaque and dirt. You should not forget about the outside as well. It is advisable to go over the surface with a sponge or damp cloth. Adding baking soda does not rule out a combined cleaning of the shisha with citric acid. By using both products together, you will surely ensure that your device is clean.

Before cleaning your best hookah, be sure to disassemble all of the components that allow it: the composite shaft, the molasses catcher, the seals. All of these components must be removed so that dirt and detergent particles do not get clogged and remain in the crevices.

Some enthusiasts describe the unusual experience of washing the bulb with a screwdriver. To accomplish such a thing, you must insert a brush into the muzzle of the screwdriver, apply the cleaning agent to the walls of the bulb, and turn on the device.

How to Clean the Inside of a Hookah

How to Clean the Inside of a Hookah

Cleaning the shaft of the hookah is similar. Soda is poured inside, and then the whole interior space is cleaned with a scrubber. In order to thoroughly clean the shaft, it is necessary to stick the brush on both sides in turn. It is extremely important to rinse the device well afterwards, so that no soda particles remain in it.

You can use cotton swabs to get to hard-to-reach areas of the shisha, like the purge valve or the hose connector. The saucer is easiest to rinse, as all you have to do is go over it with any sponge you have. If you don't wash the purge valve, over time the ball inside the valve will begin to stick. Consequently, the function of the check valve will be impaired. The ball will stick to the walls because of the accumulated glycerin concentrate, which will cause excess air from the outside to enter, interfering with the smoking process.

How to Clean a Hookah with a Steam Cleaner

Many users often ask, "Is it possible to wash the shaft of a hookah with a steam cleaner? Is it deep enough treatment?" It's worth saying that, first, not every brush will be able to clean the entire length of the hookah shaft. Second, some syrups harden so much that you can't wash them off with just water and a brush. Among all the things you can clean a hookah with, a steam cleaner is the best for such tasks.

High temperature steam helps to soften the plaque and disinfect the shaft. In order to wash the shisha inside the shaft, it is enough to direct the steam gun muzzle inside for 10-15 seconds, then go over with a brush or just rinse with water. Also, the steam generator can wash all the components of the hookah, the main thing to remember about the contrast of temperatures, and after the steam cleaner you can not rinse the hookah immediately in cold water.

How to Wash a Hookah Hose After Smoking

To wash the shisha hose at home is quite simple. It is necessary to disconnect it from the shaft, pour water inside and wiggle it there for a while. To do this, grasp the different ends of the hose with your hands and raise your hands up one by one. After that, pour out the water with the remains of dirt and tobacco.

Just like the shaft, you can wash the hookah tube with a steam generator. This method is preferable because it allows you to thoroughly clean the part of the shisha as close to your face as possible from unwanted dirt.

Despite the benefits of these or other cleaning methods, the hoses are made of silicone. This gives them a number of disadvantages, like constantly absorbing odors and cracking over time. Even with cleaning, it is recommended to replace the hose every 4-8 months. The same goes for all connecting parts like rings and silicone gaskets.

How to Clean a Shisha Without a Shisha Brush

How to Clean a Shisha Without a Shisha Brush

If you do not have in stock special scrubbers that can get into all the holes of the parts of the hookah, you can take any oblong object that is available. In the solution of soda or lemon juice, which you poured inside the flask, you can throw a rag, and then, using a stick, wipe all the internal walls. It is enough to spin the rag several times to clean the entire space. After that, drain the solution and rinse the flask several times under running water.

If the rag fails, you can use an iron sponge. Also using a stick, it should be swirled several times inside the flask, going over the entire surface. Do not worry about the possibility of scratches on the glass - it is better than using dirty dishes.

But if your sense of beauty does not allow you to do so - buy a special brush. When choosing a flask brush, pay attention to its tip. Many models have a bent end for ease of use. Because of this, a piece of the base wire may stick out a bit and scratch your flask, eventually forming cracks. To prevent this from happening - wrap the end of the wire with duct tape.

To rinse the shaft of the hookah from the inside properly without using a pipe cleaner, you can tie a rope to a rag. Threading its other end through the shaft will allow you to pull the rag through the entire interior space.

If your device hasn't been cleaned for quite a while, it's better to get some hot water, pour some baking soda and citric acid in it, and soak your shisha. It is better to leave it overnight or even for the whole day, so that all the dried up dirt falls off and gets cleaned.

For better effect after washing, you can fill the shisha flask with water and shake it for a while. Doing this procedure several times will definitely ensure that all the parts are clean. This will help clean the shisha from both dirt and odor.

To avoid having to regularly clean your hookah at home, you can buy silicone spray to treat the threads on the shaft and on the flask. This will greatly extend the life of your device. Such a spray is often sold as part of hookah cleaning kits.

What Else You Can Clean Your Shisha with

If you can not afford to buy a special cleaner or steam cleaner, you can wash the bulb of hookah with rice or buckwheat or any other grits. To use this method, you need to pour cold water into the flask (otherwise the groats will start to boil and the whole point will be lost) and pour a handful of buckwheat or rice. After shaking everything for a minute you will see that the groats acted as an abrasive material and cleaned the walls of the device. However, you should understand that this method of cleaning will not get rid of unpleasant odor or the appearance of bacteria.

For disinfection in hookah stores sell special agents. They help to remove the stubborn odors and buildup. It is not recommended to use common household chemicals, as there is a risk that small amounts of product will remain in hard-to-reach places like the blow-through valve. Subsequent smoking of the hookah causes the chemical elements of the household detergent to decompose, which can have a negative effect on your health.

When using cleaners, you need to apply them to all the dirty parts of the hookah and leave them for a while, then rinse thoroughly with water. If the product is thick, you should not add too much of it - after contact with water it will rise strongly due to the foam.

In order to keep the shisha from getting very dirty, it is recommended to install a molasses catcher. When smoking on a straight cup, the syrup flows directly through the shaft into the flask, contaminating both. The oil catcher, on the other hand, collects the excess syrup in itself.

To buy cleaning products for hookah parts, go to the Hookah House store. In addition to scrubbers and special products in the range there are many other manufacturers and brands of hookah accessories. Our specialists will advise you on all available questions and help in choosing the necessary hookah equipment.

There are many hookah manufacturers and brands of hookah accessories in the HookahMarket shisha Dubai. Our specialists will advise you on all available questions and help in choosing the necessary hookah equipment.