How to Make a Hookah With Milk?

How to Make a Hookah With Milk

All hookah Dubai fans, resting in establishments, have repeatedly paid attention to the fact that hookah is offered to smoke both on water and on other liquids, for example, milk. But what is the point, what is the difference compared to a hookah on water and how to cook it in the end? Let's figure it out.

What's So Special About It?

In addition to the obvious fact that milk is poured into the shisha flask, there are several other reasons that distinguish this recipe from the classic one on water. The most basic is that such a hookah turns out softer than usual. The reason for this may be the chemical properties of the two liquids. As you know, the density of milk is greater than that of water. We also know that the liquid serves as a so-called filter, purifying the smoke that passes through it before we inhale it. So, most likely, for this reason, the smoke is cleaned better and therefore becomes softer. That is why novice smokers prefer this kind of cooking.

Is It Possible to Mix It with Water?

Of course you can. There are no restrictions in this matter. This is done at your discretion, in any proportions. But the optimal option would be: at least 1 cup of milk, for 2 of the same containers with water. Also, if tobacco has the smell of coffee, cocoa, chocolate or cappuccino, then add a little cocoa or instant coffee. This will give the smoke more flavor and it will smoke even better.

Water should be at least two-thirds of the solution. When using a pure milk hookah, the milk will start to foam when bubbling and the shisha hose will get milkshake. As a result, the smoke will be hopelessly spoiled. Therefore, prepare a solution for pouring in a ratio of 1/3 and 2/3 of water.

Is It Possible to Mix It with Water

How to Cook a Hookah with Milk?

There are no special secrets here. Do the standard filling of the shisha bowl, and also check that the liquid covers the tube of the shaft approximately at a distance of 1.5 to 2 cm. There is one feature. It consists in the fact that first you need to pour water, and then milk. If you pour water into the milk, it will foam.

How Often Should I Change the Milk in the Flask?

If you smoke with the same tobacco flavor, then you can not change the milk for 5-6 hours (until it turns sour). If you first smoked some mint flavor, and then you want a berry flavor, such as raspberries or cherries, it is better to change the contents of the flask. In addition, we recommend that you rinse all the components well.

How Often Should I Change the Milk in the Flask

How Make a Hookah Even Softer?

If you want to make fragrant clubs even more tender, then we advise you to add ice to the flask. And if you want even more pleasure, then you can turn on relaxing music.


Use only cow's milk in the preparation of hookah. It has the most suitable properties compared to others, because it does not have a pronounced smell that can kill the aroma of tobacco.

  • The fat content of milk should not be high, the optimal value will be up to 2.5%. To reduce the feeling of smoke heaviness, use skimmed milk or dilute with water in a suitable proportion.
  • After smoking, wash the hookah with special detergents. A layer of fat settles on the walls of the flask and spoils the taste and aroma of the hookah during subsequent smoking sessions, and it is very, very difficult to remove this plaque without a brush.
  • If you smoke tobacco with coffee or chocolate flavors, for a brighter disclosure, you can add a couple of spoonfuls of cocoa or coffee to the milk.
  • To minimize the foam that forms in the flask from milk during smoking, add a teaspoon of salt to it.
  • Cool the milk before use, so the smoke will be cooler and more pleasant.

We hope this article was useful for you and you learned a lot about what is the difference between a hookah on water and milk and how noticeable it is. In any case, it's worth trying to give your assessment to the hookah on milk and form your own position on this. We have only considered this topic to save you from possible difficulties on the way to hookah experiments.