How to Smoke Shisha in a Right Way?

Clubs of cold white smoke, a pleasant aroma of fruit tobacco, murmuring of water, a cozy atmosphere, communication with people, relaxation - these are the associations that arise in the mind when the word "hookah".

Hookah smoking has long been one of the favorite pastimes of young people tired of noisy discos and frantic dances. So greatly increased popularity is associated with the infatuation of the Oriental culture, its traditions, cuisine, interiors, and products. Hookah rooms opening their doors for the lovers of this culture allow us, the guests, to plunge into another world, into the other atmosphere, far from the Russian gray of everyday life. The opportunity to smoke hookah without leaving the usual zone of fun and gluttony, give us restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. Many lovers of relaxation in this way buy it at home. 

Unfortunately, many people do not know how to smoke hookah, though they do it quite often. In addition, it is worth reading the instructions. It will help you not only to learn how to smoke waterpipe but also how to assemble it, refill it and operate it in domestic conditions. Construction of waterpipe represents a tube with a filter and a long hookah; a bowl where tobacco is placed; shaft - a hollow tube, "core"; bulb, where you fill the liquid, whether it is water, milk or alcohol; a hose through which we inhale the smoke; valve, hood. In addition to the kit you need to buy: a plate, tongs, foil, screen, mouthpiece, sealant, charcoal, tobacco, brush, etc. Before learning how to smoke a hookah properly, you should learn how to assemble it. This process begins with the fact that in the flask we pour the liquid to such a level that the lower end of the shaft was 2 cm submerged in it. Leave enough distance between the liquid and the opening of the hose to avoid splashing. Next, hermetically install the shaft and the hose. The final step is the connection of the shaft and the bowl. 

If you do not know how to fill up the hookah bowl, and how to do it correctly, we can assure you that everything is simple. Choose tobacco to your liking. It can be multifruit, mint, melon, apple, etc. Place 10 grams of tobacco in a bowl, fluffing it beforehand. Do not stack it too tightly, you need to allow air to pass through. Then wrap the bowl tightly with foil and make small holes in it with a toothpick to put charcoal on it. Asking the question of what to smoke hookah on, it is worth noting for yourself, what effect you want to achieve. If you want to achieve nirvana and complete relaxation, it is worth trying hookah with strong alcohol mixed with water (absinthe, cognac, wine). Keep in mind that in this case you may feel intoxicated, so be careful. If you are a follower of tradition, milk or plain water will do. Hookah with milk is more flavorful and full-bodied, but the water one has less effect on the body. Now moving on to the main question: "How to smoke hookah correctly? It seems to be an uncomplicated process: you inhale the smoke through the tube and after a few seconds you exhale it.

It is a good idea to light the waterpipe before you start, to burn the embers. It is also worth cautioning yourself against some mistakes that inexperienced smokers make. For example, it is not necessary to inhale as much smoke as possible, make exactly the breath that you feel comfortable. Otherwise, the oversaturation of the body will lead to headaches and obfuscation of the mind. Also, you should smoke only when you are full, so as not to accelerate the production of juice in the stomach. Smoke only in ventilated and ventilated rooms. Do not mix shisha and strong alcohol. Prefer natural tea with herbs and fruit or cool dry wine.