Instruction Manual: How to Make a Hookah on the Water at Home?

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Due to the rapidly developing world of hookah smoking, today almost every connoisseur of delicious thick smoke has a home hookah no longer associated with a rare thing. Thus, most of the people who buy a hookah Dubai at home, especially beginners, ask the question: "How to properly cook a hookah on water at home?"

Simple Secrets of a Hookah on the Water

In fact, the instructions for the proper preparation of hookah at home are simple and uncomplicated, but still have several features that are used by experienced fans of home smoking.

It all starts with a flask and water. The water in the hookah flask is a filter that will not allow harmful products of tobacco leaf decay and carcinogenic substances evaporating together with the mixture in the bowl to enter your lungs in large volumes, along with carbon monoxide, which is formed due to high temperature.

How Much Water Should I Pour into the Shisha Flask

How Much Water Should I Pour into the Shisha Flask?

Only clean water should be poured into the shisha flask and it is advisable to change it after each smoke, before a new bowl, if you do not want to feel extraneous tastes from previous bowls. The flask also needs to be cleaned with a special flask brush after you have finished smoking. It is recommended to keep the water level in the flask so that the shaft is immersed in it by 2-3 cm. Such a liquid level is suitable both for hookahs with classical traction, as for example on Egyptian hookahs, where there are no holes on the submerged part of the shaft, and for lighter - diffusor traction, when there are slots or holes at the end of the shaft.

Important Details

After the flask, you should take care of the shaft - the part of the hookah through which the smoke will pass before cooling and filtration. The hookah shaft should be kept clean just like the flask and cleaned with a special long brush for hookah shafts, so that tobacco syrup does not remain on the walls and does not give extraneous tastes during subsequent smoking.

The hookah hose is also best flushed, for the same reason as the chipped mine. There is no need for special devices, just pass water through it, blow it well to let excess water flow out of it and hang it to dry so that before the next time you want to smoke a hookah, everything is ready for it.

After the smoking device itself is ready, it remains to fill the hookah head correctly, put it on to warm up and after a few minutes enjoy the clouds of smoke with your favorite flavors, but everything in order: How to properly fill the bowl and warm it up so that smoking does not cause unnecessary problems?

Everything is simple. Prepare the bowl, carefully open the pack of tobacco that you are going to mix, put them on the board, after fluffy pouring them into the bowl in such a volume that its amount simply reaches its edges. This way you will be able to determine the required volume without transferring excess tobacco. On the board, mix your tastes in your hand, take a knife or scissors and cut tobacco if it has large sheets.

Completion of the Hookah Bowl

Completion of the Hookah Bowl

You can safely throw away the hard parts and sticks from the tobacco leaf - they will not be needed, but can only interfere. Next, we fluff the resulting mixture and pour it from top to bottom fluffily into the bowl, gently press with our fingers so that the level of clogging turns out to be 3-5 mm below the edges of the bowl, make a hole in the middle with a toothpick so that the draft is light and the tobacco overheats less.

If you have a shisha kaloud at hand, put coals on it, close the lid petals to half and leave the bowl to warm for about 5-7 minutes. If only ordinary foil is at hand, fold it into 3-4 layers with the matte side up and pull it over the bowl. Try to pull the foil harder so that there are no folds on the surface above the tobacco and it is smooth and smooth. Here you need to try. If the foil is denser, then we do the same thing, but we put it in 2 layers.

Next, make small holes in the foil in a circle, but leave the center untouched so as not to get a lot of carbon monoxide from the smoldering coal. It should be heated on 3 or 4 coals, depending on the bowl itself. In terms of time, it will take an average of 5 minutes. After the tobacco and the bowl are heated, remove one coal and take 3-4 deep puffs until a thick saturated smoke appears.

After the hookah is completely warmed up and ready, it remains only to enjoy it, changing the embers every 20-25 minutes.