Is It Worth Buying a Small Hookah?

Is It Worth Buying a Small Hookah

Choosing your first shisha Dubai, a person faces a lot of questions. Which type of bowl is better, which diameter of the shaft to choose, which tobacco to start with… A lot of nuances. But before studying all these aspects, you may encounter a more pressing question — which size to choose a hookah and how does a small hookah differ from a large one? In this article we will look at the pros and cons of these categories.

What Is a Small Hookah

Speaking of a small hookah, we mean an absolutely identical device to the original construction and configuration, but in a miniature format. A slightly reduced volume of the shisha flask and the height of the shaft — voila, you have a small hookah. At some point, there was a revolution of thinking in the industry, and these little hookahs became very popular. It is not surprising — they are easier to clean, and it is more convenient to take them with you to nature and on trips.

If we talk about compactness, then the question is ambiguous. A large number of modern hookah sticks are disassembled, and therefore do not take up much space during transportation. But if we talk about weight, small hookahs definitely win.

What Is a Small Hookah

What's Wrong with a Small Hookah

There is an opinion that it is not possible to stuff as much tobacco into a miniature hookah as into a full-size device. That's not so. The amount of tobacco to be filled depends on the bowl used, and they are suitable for any size of hookah — the main thing is to choose a suitable sealer if the diameters of the shafts differ.

The disadvantages of small hookahs include their instability, compared with large hookahs. Since the flask itself is smaller, less water is poured into it when smoking, which is why a small hookah can wobble more.

There is another myth about the differences in the size of hookahs. Some smokers believe that a high hookah, due to its large size, filters the smoke better, since harmful particles have more space to settle on the inner area of the shaft. So far, no one can authoritatively state whether this is true or not. However, even if the myth is true, the difference is too insignificant to be guided solely by it in choosing a hookah model.

Cooling. This question is very subjective and specific. Yes, according to the simplest logic — the longer the steam travels, the more it cools. It really is. However, the flask with water takes the lion's share of cooling. Even though it is smaller in miniature hookahs, it copes with its task perfectly. In addition to this, the length of the hookah hose remains the same, which gives you a “cooling margin” if you are too suspicious.

Advantages of a Small Hookah

Advantages of a Small Hookah

However, this myth has a downside. Due to the settling of flavors on the walls of the mine, we get the following proportionality — the higher the hookah, the more it loses its taste when inhaled.

Another positive qualities of a small hookah can be attributed to lighter smoking. With large volumes of hookah, a person has to put more effort to make a puff.

Let's talk about the amount of smoke. Some believe that if there is less hookah, then there is less smoke. This is not so — the amount of smoke will depend on the amount of tobacco, the quality of the stuffing, the diameter of the shaft and the presence of a diffuser. If the diffuser is present, and the diameter of the shaft is large, it will be easier for you to smoke, therefore, you will be able to inhale more at a time. There are fans of smoking without a diffuser with a standard shaft diameter of 11-13 mm. In the end, you will not notice a difference in the amount of smoke, provided that you have filled your bowl correctly.

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