Is there any harm in smoking hookah

Hookah smoking is not only one of the ways to spend time and relax, but a certain special ritual and element of Eastern culture. Is hookah smoking harmful to health? It's a controversial question. Some believe that it is an absolutely harmless process. Others, that one session is equivalent to smoking a hundred cigarettes at once. There are those who do not have an established opinion on this matter. 

Harms of hookah smoking

What is harmful in a hookah?

The most obvious fact is that the process of smoking can not be beneficial: a certain amount of nicotine enters the body. There is an opinion that all harmful impurities are filtered by water. But the flask filled with liquid, although it acts as a filter, but does not clean the smoke completely.

The temperature of the coals, allows the tobacco not to burn, as when smoking cigarettes, but to smolder. But the result in both cases is the same - the body is poisoned with nicotine and harmful impurities. Only when smoking cigarettes it happens quickly, when smoking waterpipe - slower.

The processes of smoking cigarettes and inhaling hookah smoke are different. While when smoking cigarettes, nicotine is very harmful to health, when smoking a hookah, it is the smoke. During one hour of hookah smoking, so much carbon monoxide enters the human body, which causes the effect of "Oxygen deprivation". It can make you feel dizzy.

Hookah tobacco contains less tar, benzene, formaldehyde, and other toxic components, but this does not mean that it is safe. The bitter taste inherent in tobacco is eliminated in hookah tobacco. Hookah is rarely smoked alone. Much more often it is smoked in a big company. When you smoke hookah, a lot of saliva is produced and much of it ends up in the liquid filter of the hookah. Through saliva can transmit diseases such as herpes, hepatitis B and others.

Is there any harm from hookah smoking to the body

How to minimize harm

A few simple rules to reduce health harms:

  • Use only specialty tobacco and smoking blends for your hookah;
  • Cook only with pure water, milk or juice. You should not pour alcohol into the bowl, as well as combine smoking hookah with drinking alcohol;
  • Always rinse the shisha hoses and flask;
  • Use disposable mouthpieces when smoking with the company.

Most importantly, smoke with breaks, the duration of hookah smoking in company should not be more than 40-60 minutes. Also, buy shisha in quality stores where you can find quality products.