Overview of Krasnodar Hookahs DSH

Overview of Krasnodar hookahs DSH

The rapid growth of the hookah industry in Russia is due to constantly changing standards and emerging technical requirements for hookahs. And for fans of smoking, the problem of choosing a high-quality device often arises, and with the growth of offers on the market and the continuously increasing number of new brands, the requirements for purchased smoking devices are constantly growing.

DSH hookahs are the development of the Krasnodar area team, which pays great attention to the little things and details.

DSH Hookahs: Production, Features, Advantages

The foundation of the Krasnodar company DSH took place in 2015. At that time, the key raw material was aluminum, which was covered with paint of different colors. A couple of years later, the demand for such smoking devices decreased, trends changed and, as a result, DSH presented its new model, which is made of stainless steel and nylon (50% /50%). And the new models immediately fell in love with the consumer due to high-quality manufacturing and affordable price. Today, the Krasnodar manufacturer has abandoned aluminum models and switched exclusively to high-quality stainless steel.

The peculiarity of Dream Smoke Hookah hookahs is their ease of disassembly, which makes the care process very comfortable. Hookah does not need to be treated with chemical compounds, it is enough to rinse the device under water and, if necessary, use a brush.

Hookah connections are a separately developed part of the smoking device by the company. They are made on a thread that, thanks to durable stainless steel, does not move apart, which allows other components to be securely attached and not let air through.

Responsibility and attention to the consumer have made hookahs DSH – high-quality and in demand. The tightness of the device, light draft, a diffuser that allows you to adjust the draft and the density of the smoke for yourself – all this is contained in each of the models of the DSH.

The range of hookahs is diverse and made in accordance with all standards. The difference between the products is only in design, height and cost.
Of course, the attractive appearance of the hookah deserves attention. Each device has a minimalistic design that takes into account symmetry, proportionality and soft lines. The color palette is small, but it is not so important. The main colors are metallic, black and white.

Hookah DSH Models

Hookah DSH Models

  • Heavy – is the first product that is characterized by high weight and high–quality assembly. It consists of stainless steel. Starting in 2019, a diffuser has been added to the Heavy models, with which you can adjust the traction for yourself.
  • Wave – is a premium line, which includes stainless steel, and the key difference from Heavy is in design. The Wave shaft is a carved tube with a solid metal ball in the center.
  • NICE – is an exquisite and miniature device that has become a logical continuation of the hookah line.
  • NICE BLACK – an exact copy of the NICE line, but in black.
  • Mini – is still the same high–quality smoking device, but in a reduced size and low cost.
  • Woods BS– is a new device, the components of which are made of stainless steel, and the lining is made of stabilized wood. The wooden lining has increased resistance to environmental factors: high temperatures, high humidity and UV radiation.
  • Eco – is the latest released model of the Krasnodar company, which 100% meets the needs of the modern hookah market.

DSH Exclusive Hookah Series

In 2019, the Krasnodar company presented a new line of hookahs in the center of which is a stabilizing tree and epoxy resin. It is impossible to repeat the model, even if similar blanks are used. Thus, by purchasing a hookah from the Exclusive series, you get a truly unique model. Hookahs from this line you can buy in HookahMarket – the best hookahs Dubai.

DSH Exclusive Hookah Series

DSH Nice Hookah Collection

DSH Nice hookahs are the most popular and, accordingly, the most purchased lines. The Nice collection consists of 3 models whose height does not exceed 50 cm:

  • Nice White – models made of stainless steel and polyacetal made in Germany.
  • Nice Steel – is a compact stainless steel device. As a home appliance, this is a great option that does not take up much space, and for a hookah bar – comfortable placement on the guest's table.
  • Nice Black – minimalist design with a predominant noble black color.


Summing up, we can say that hookahs from Dream Smoke Hookah and shisha molasses catcher are ideal in terms of price-quality ratio. The company offers both budget and premium models.