Overview on Pandora Hookahs

Pandora Hookah: Review of Models, Description, Advantages

We continue to do reviews on major shisha Dubai brands that differ in their model range.

And today we have Pandora hookahs in turn - yes, they have quite a few models, but each model has its own unique colors, just let's see what they have prepared for us.


The manufacturer has six lines of hookahs. This:

  • Falcon - new 2021, was created under the inspiration of Elon Musk.
  • Classic - classic, everyone's favorite model, available in different versions (001-1 and 001-2), as well as in a smaller version of the Classic Mini.
  • Light is a cheaper version of Classic, with a variety of colors.
  • Mist is a small model, has an unusual purge.
  • Silver - the model is small in height, has 3 ports for the hose
  • Traditional - is the most expensive model in gold color.

Pandora also had a limited hookah, produced in 2018, the highest, had 4 ports for a hose, as well as a built-in molasses catcher.

Pandora Falcon

Pandora Falcon is a stainless steel model with an anodized aluminum overlay.

This hookah has three colors - red, turquoise and black. They are all very cute and stylish. The mouthpiece for the hookah is also made of aluminum and comes complete in the color of the shaft.

The hookah has a horizontal purge and it looks as if the rocket itself is about to fly into space.

Another notable plus is the price. For such an unusual and new hookah, the retail price is very affordable, and the shaft, hose, and mouthpiece are included - super!

Pandora Falcon

Pandora Classic

Classic is the very first hookah in the production of this company. This hookah combines classic and modern style.

Its shaft is made entirely of stainless steel and fits any bulb on the seal.

The saucer and hose have a lapping connection - you won't need to look for seals, an o-ring or a magnet.

The height of the shaft is 61 cm, the diameter is 14 mm.

The first model differs from the second with a slightly modified shaft, as well as a purge system (it has been improved), a diffuser and the packaging in which the hookah is delivered.

Pandora Classic

Pandora Classic Mini

The Classic Mini is also made of stainless steel, the mouthpiece is made of anodized aluminum.

The name Mini speaks for itself - it is a small version of the Classic - its height is 50 cm.

The model also has a removable diffuser, the saucer and hose are fixed on the lapping, and the flask is universal - it is on the seal.

Pandora Classic Mini

Pandora Light

Light is a cheaper version of Classic. The inner part of the shaft is made of stainless steel, and the lining is made of polyacetal.

Available in 7 different colors: black, blue, white, yellow, orange, purple, red.

The hookah has an excellent light draft, in addition it has a removable diffuser. The connection point of the hose connector to the shaft is made on lapping.

We think that anyone will choose a color to their liking.

Pandora Light

Pandora Mist

Mist is a relatively recent model. It is made of stainless steel and polyacetal, but unlike Light it has smaller dimensions.

The height of the hookah is 52 cm, the diameter of the shaft is 14 mm.

The main feature is not only the small size, but also the vertical purge from under the saucer. It looks unusual and stylish.

There is also a connection on the lapping of the saucer and the hose connector, easy traction.

Pandora Mist

Pandora Silver

Silver is a premium segment model (made entirely of stainless steel).

An unusual flask is included, connected to the shaft using an o-ring. The saucer is attached to the lapping, and the hose also has an o-ring connection.

The height of the hookah is 45 cm, the diameter of the shaft is 13 mm. This hookah has 3 hose ports, so you can smoke with friends.

There is a built-in diffuser, but it is built-in, not very convenient, but it can be adjusted or closed.

Pandora Silver

Pandora Traditional

Traditional is a premium segment model and it is the most expensive version.

The hookah is made in gold color, its height is 65 cm, which is adjustable (that is, you can change its size)

The model also has a removable diffuser, the saucer and hose are fixed on the lapping, and the bulb is threaded.

The second name of the hookah is Gold, well, it is understandable, it is made in the color of gold.

Pandora Traditional