Review of Budget Hookahs Euphoria

Review of Budget Hookahs Euphoria

Euphoria is a budget line of high-quality hookah Dubai, which are similar to hookah sticks. Euphoria hookahs have managed to earn the consumer's trust, because even at a low cost, the quality of Euphoria hookahs is in no way inferior to expensive models.

Who Is the Producer of Euphoria?

The birthplace of Euphoria hookahs is located in the city of Miass, in the Ural Region, Russian Federation. And any resident of this region will say with confidence that Euphoria is the TOP product in the hookah market: equipment, style, characteristics - everything is at the highest level.

Budget Price and High Quality: What Materials Are Euphoria Hookah Made of?

Although the construction of the Euphoria hookah has nothing special, the manufacturer has worked hard on its design. The first thing you should pay attention to is the magnets on which the diffuser and other elements are held. This is very convenient, because there are no constantly flying and tearing rubber rings. To replace the magnet, it is only necessary to squeeze it out with a mouthpiece, remove and install a new one. Moreover, you will not have to look for magnets, because they are immediately included in the kit. The Euphoria hookah saucer is made of stainless steel, from which the mouthpiece is also made. The stainless steel used is made in Russia, and the polyacetal is made in Germany. As a fastening - lapping, so the saucer is easy to remove and put.

The peculiarity of the Euphoria hookah is its attractive appearance, especially when it comes to white. The hookah is completely painted to the very base, so the appearance of the hookah looks very expensive and stylish.

Also included with the hookah is an indispensable thing - a diffuser, with which you can adjust the draft and smokiness.

Euphoria Hookah Colors

Euphoria Hookah Colors

A feature of Euphoria hookahs is their wide color palette. Among the color diversity , the following can be distinguished:

  • white;
  • black;
  • grey;
  • american walnut;
  • black hornbeam + padouk;
  • black hornbeam + ash tree;
  • ash tree.

Is it Budget Euphoria?

Euphoria hookahs can be attributed to both the budget and the middle segment. The cost of the Easy line starts from 275 AED, and the Magneto line starts from 650 AED. The hookah is sold in a cardboard branded box, which includes a shaft, a hookah saucer, a silicone hose, a spring, a mouthpiece and a set of seals. Everything is done at the highest level, and the attractive appearance finally captivates.

Hookah Euphoria - photo 1

Hookah Euphoria - photo 2

Hookah Euphoria - photo 3

Advantages of Euphoria

Among the advantages of a hookah are the following:

  • Presence of magnets. This element is very convenient, protected by polyacetal. And even in case of damage, they can be easily replaced with new ones, since they are included in the kit.
  • Easy care. No complicated manipulations: it is enough to disassemble, wash and reassemble (the whole procedure takes no more than 10 minutes).
  • The syrup does not boil, and this, in turn, is a huge advantage (excellent stainless steel).
  • Stylish appearance, which is achieved thanks to a fully painted base, which, in addition, is perfectly polished.
  • Convenient and quickly removable saucer.
  • Excellent traction. Due to the fact that the diffuser is held on a magnet, the thrust can be adjusted (depending on preferences).

Reviews of Satisfied Customers

The popularity of the Euphoria hookah is due to its high quality and attractive appearance. Buyers who have decided to purchase a hookah Euphoria for themselves, say the following about it:

  • After 2 years of use, the parts have not lost their operational properties. Hookah gives a lot of smoke, it is easy to clean, thanks to simple disassembly. The amount given for Euphoria is fully justified.
  • 6 years old are a lover of hookahs, tried many. But I stopped at Euphoria. Firstly, it looks attractive, magnets instead of rubber bands, good smoke, easy care.
  • Hookah Euphoria I think is excellent. Everything is perfect in it: from the appearance to every single detail. During the year, no changes have occurred, it copes with its function perfectly.

How Does Hookah Euphoria Smoke

How Does Hookah Euphoria Smoke?

The hookah traction is average, but it is pleasant to pull, there are no whistles and grunts. It gives a lot of smoke on exhalation, it is dense, with a pronounced taste transmission. The diffuser is an additional respect. Thanks to it, you can adjust the amount of smoke, depending on your mood.


Hookah Euphoria is made of stainless steel, which is used in premium-level hookahs. The manufacturer from the Urals has proved that a hookah can look presentable and stylish. And the color scheme allows you to choose the one that you like the most.

Thus, hookah Euphoria has pronounced advantages: care is simple, smokes easily and tasty.