Shisha Hose – How to Choose a Good One?

Shisha Hose – How to Choose a Good One in Dubai

Every day hookah smoking is becoming more and more popular. Every day new establishments open all over the country, but there are many people who prefer the home atmosphere and high-quality hookah buy online. But even in this case it is necessary to smoke it properly, and to choose the pipe and hose for hookah you should approach responsibly. If you are still smoking using a standard corrugated pipe, we guarantee that you have never tried a good hookah in your life.

Today, almost every manufacturer provides a hose as part of the hookah itself. But it is not always of good quality. The old, familiar to many people corrugation only spoils the process itself. That is why we will consider the peculiarities of choosing a good pipe and the requirements for it. And after reading this article, you will be able to choose for yourself a quality product and learn fully what a real hookah is.

Which Shisha Hose to Choose: Basic Criteria

The first question everyone will ask is the cost of a good pipe, and one will think why spend more when there is a pipe from the kit. It is one thing if you bought a quality hookah and got a long silicone hose, then you can not buy anything additionally. In the other case, you will have to spend a little money.

The price range is quite large, so let's additionally consider a number of factors that will help you choose a hose at the right price range.

Which Shisha Hose to Choose

Choice of Material

There is only one answer to this question - it's silicone and nothing else. Of course, the classic option becomes a leather product and preferably made of snakeskin. But the only thing that distinguishes such a hose is a very high cost and a specific appearance. About corrugated products and at all it is not worth talking about. This is of poor quality and quickly failing tubes.

Therefore, the only option is exactly silicone. Additionally, you can choose models with lighting, glossy or other. You can also see hoses with prints, logos, etc. But the main point is the choice of this material.

Advantages of Silicone Shisha Hose

Advantages of Silicone Shisha Hose

The first, and most important, is that it does not absorb odors and preserves the freshness of the flavor when smoking. Also, silicone is easy to clean and any detergents can be used to clean it, but it is recommended to use baking soda or citric acid. Another feature becomes a large space for customization.

Disadvantages of the Silicate Hose

Here it is necessary to allocate, that it is better to have in stock some of them on change, as if to smoke any gentle tobacco, after strong, the last will obviously be felt, and it not so good.

Choosing the Length of the Shisha Hose

The next point becomes the length. Very short ones are uncomfortable to use, especially if you smoke with friends. Also, in these can not have time to cool the smoke, which is not very pleasant.

Long ones, in turn, worsen the transfer of taste. The best option would be to choose a hose length of 150 to 200 centimeters. For home use, the medium size of 170 cm will be optimal.

Choosing the Length of the Shisha Hose

Diameter of the Shisha Hose

Here we consider the diameter of the inner channel, because it provides the draft. On sale today there are products with diameters from 5 millimeters to 1.4 cm. Regardless of this, the draught comfort is formed in the hole of the hookah itself, i.e. the connector. Therefore it is necessary to choose its size from 9 mm. Also important is the outer diameter of the tube, so that it sits tightly on the connector and does not require additional sealing.

A Little Tip: Some manufacturers offer to buy shisha hoses with an additional spring, which will protect the hose from bending. But note that high-quality silicone does not bend, so the spring is not needed, and such products are more expensive.

Diameter of the Shisha Hose

In Conclude

  • When choosing the tube material, take only high-quality, durable and flexible silicone.
  • The length of the hose should be 150-170 centimeters.
  • The inner diameter for a medium draft is 5-10 mm, for a lighter draft 1-1.4 cm.