Silicone Hookah Bowl — Advantages and Disadvantages

Silicone Hookah Bowl — Advantages and Disadvantages

The silicone hookah bowls appeared relatively in 2013-14. Its appearance was facilitated by the appearance of the heat control system — kaloud lotus and its analogues.

The main advantages of a silicone bowl are ease of use and the properties of silicone — the material itself does not overheat and evenly transmits heat to tobacco. In combination with cloud, it is very easy to make a delicious mix even for an inexperienced hookah fan.

What Are Silicone Bowls

There are Phunnel bowls, classic bowls, deep or less deep. Anyone will be able to choose the right cup for him. But the most common bowls are Phunnels.

What Are Silicone Bowls

Advantages of a Silicone Bowls for a Hookah

  • more stable thermal conductivity
  • tobacco is difficult to overheat
  • well suited for "liquid" tobacco
  • does not absorb odors
  • does not require additional seals when used with a hookah
  • good traction

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Silicone Bowl for a Hookah

Disadvantages of a Silicone Bowl

  • depending on the quality of silicone it becomes unusable faster
  • requires more heat
  • is not suitable for smoking strong tobacco

When buying shisha accessories and a silicone bowl, it is important to make sure that it is made of good food grade silicone, Chinese no names can melt under the influence of temperatures.

To sum up, this bowl is ideal for smoking at home by people who do not smoke hookah Dubai very often.