Top 3 Essential Products for a Hookah

Buy hookah these days is very easy, but not everyone knows what accessories to pick up. In this article we will tell you about useful products for hookah.

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1st Place

Electric stove for hookah or a gas burner.

Warming coals on a large stove at home is not always convenient, and it can even be dangerous in a microwave oven. We advise you to buy a small electric stove for kindling coals at home and a small burner to take it with you on the nature.

2nd Place

After you bought a hookah, it needs to be properly cared for. To do this, you need to buy food detergents, special cleaners for the flask and shaft.

3rd Place

Personal mouthpiece.

Taking care of personal hygiene has become especially relevant in recent times. In addition to the fact that the personal mouthpiece is a concern for your health when smoking hookah, it is also a beautiful accessory. In addition, you do not have to constantly spend money to buy disposable mouthpieces.

We would like to draw your attention to personal mouthpieces produced by BigMaks. On this site you can find mouthpieces made of stabilized wood as well as of stainless steel. You can choose the accessory you like.

What Accessories You May Still Need After Buying a Hookah

  • Melasso trap (catcher), a device that attaches to the top of the shaft, and on top of it, in turn, the cup. Syrup flows from the bowl into the pit, falls into the molasses catcher, which prevents syrupy sediment in the pit and the flask.
  • For quality and pleasant smoking it is best to buy a special hood for the bowl, also you can make it yourself from foil. It allows you to heat the bowl completely, distributing the heat evenly, and most importantly quickly.
  • A special lid on the caladium (often comes with the caladium), which will add heat to the bowl. A good alternative to changing coals. By putting the lid on the caladium and waiting 2-3 minutes, the heat increases, and as a result, changing coals may not be necessary. It depends on the amount of tobacco in the bowl and the frequency of smoking hookah.