Types of Hookah Clogs

In this article we will analyze the main types of clogs and what they are used for.

There are many variants of clogging tobacco in a bowl and each of them differs in some factors, the main of which are flavor transfer, heating time, strength.

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1. Standard Air Clogging

Pre-mixed tobacco, to fully saturate it with syrup, make an indentation from the edge of the bowl at 2-3 mm and small portions of "air" begin to stack tobacco in a bowl. This is done to ensure that the air flows to the lower layers of the bowl during the smoking of hookah. When you do this, tobacco due to its airiness will give a richer flavor and strength.

2. Dense Clogging

Before you fill up the tobacco, you do not need to stir it; just take a large handful and put it in the bowl. Then lay it down tightly, slightly pressing, and be sure to indent 2-3 mm from the edges of the bowl. This will allow you to fit more tobacco in the cup, which will increase the smoking time, but change the draught to a "heavier" at the expense of the density of tobacco.

3. Clogging with a "Well"

This jamming is not suitable for all bowls, since the design of many bowls already laid "well". You can put tobacco in a bowl in different ways (air or tight), and then in the center of the bowl is "well". The "well" itself serves for a better and more pleasant draught, it also reduces the strength of tobacco. Ideal for those who like a "light" hookah.

4. Sector and Layering

These are two styles of clogging suitable for making mixes. The tobacco is smoked by sectors (50/50, 50/25/25). In this case all the flavors in a bowl are mixed and something unique is obtained. It is important to choose tobaccos correctly so that you don't get a "soapy" taste. It is better to monitor the best combination of flavors beforehand.

In the case of puffing, tobacco is laid on top of each other in different flavor variations. In the process of smoking on such clogging, the flavors will gradually unfold as the layers burn.

5. Touching Hammering

The point of this clogging is that while clogging the tobacco in a bowl you do not make the same indentation (2-3 mm) from the caladium as in any other clogging. On the contrary, put tobacco with a hill, stacking in 2-3 mm from the edges of the bowl. It is worth paying attention to the fact that such clogging is suitable only for heat-resistant tobacco. It will give more strength due to the contact of the tobacco with the kalouds and increases the smoking time. This is the only hammering that does not require a long heating, because the tobacco takes the temperature immediately upon contact with the kalouds. After waiting literally 2 minutes you can start smoking.

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