What to eat while smoking a hookah

Hookah in itself is a luxurious dish for connoisseurs of refined aromas, unhurried conversation and aristocratic relaxation. However, smoking on an empty stomach is in any case not welcome. Even in countries where hookah is considered an obligatory attribute of any coffee house and there are many hookah store, you can see how smoking is interspersed with serving a variety of dishes. And in the classic version it is, of course, oriental sweets.

Hookah smoking with food

Delicious sweets

Sweets are a great solution that perfectly harmonizes with hookah smoking and many tobaccos:

  • Baklava, rahat-lukum, halva, sherbet, nougat, nuts in honey - all this delicious splendor is able to perfectly complement the aromatic incense.
  • Some flavors of hookah tobacco are perfectly combined with such sweets as marmalade, chocolate cream tubes, vanilla ice cream, strawberry jam.
What to smoke hookah with

Fruits and berries

Fruit slices are another tasty and healthy addition to a leisurely, sensible smoke.  And in this case you should not be limited to the standard set of oranges, apples and bananas. Try snacking on strawberries, apricots, peaches or cherries. And the most hardcore gourmets strongly recommend tasting melon with tobacco of a similar flavor. In a word, any experiments are possible in this area!

Dense snack is also not a hindrance

There are quite a few true hookah fans who argue that there is nothing better than combining smoking with a classic menu of hamburger and fried potatoes. At first glance, such a choice may seem strange. However, many skeptics, once they try a hookah and fries, they simply won't accept another snack. A good cheeseburger is another worthy candidate for a hookah menu!

What food does shisha go with

In addition to the hors d'oeuvres listed above, you will often find cheese slices including salty bryndza or parmesan on the table next to the shisha flask. Some like to enrich the aroma of the smoke with a luxurious treat of whipped cream. Others can't smoke a hookah without savoring a variety of nuts and even chips. 

The main rule is not to get carried away with any snacks, because the dense stomach will not allow you to fully enjoy the flavorful flavors. You should also not smoke a lot without any food - such an unnecessary abstinence is fraught with nausea and headache. Avoid fatty and spicy food, as well as dishes with spicy flavors. And then the process of hookah smoking will bring you maximum pleasure!