Which Hookah Shaft Is Better?

Which Hookah Shaft Is Better

Hookahs have gained great popularity. They are smoked not only in bars and cafes, but also at home. The hookah Dubai market is extensive and it is sometimes difficult to find a good option among the large number of products offered.

The main part of the hookah is the shaft. The density of smoke, its taste, the ease of smoking and, of course, the pleasure you get depends on it. Therefore, a hookah shaft, the price of which has a significant run-up, must be chosen according to certain parameters.

What Is a Shaft?

The hookah shaft is a hollow tube, elongated in shape. One end of it is immersed in a flask, and on the other side it is connected to a tobacco shisha bowl.

The main purpose of the shaft is the filtration of hookah steam and lowering the temperature of the vapor. The smoke passing through the shaft enters the liquid contained in the flask, where it is purified from the main part of harmful impurities.

The shaft is one of the significant components of the smoking system. And therefore, it is impossible to rely solely on external, decorative elements when choosing it. How to find a decent hookah shaft?

To understand which hookah shaft is better, you need to know the main points that you should rely on when choosing. So, to begin with, we select:

  • material;
  • the optimal height.

Product Material

Product Material

The material of the product affects the service life, the strength of the product and the taste of tobacco smoke. The shafts can be made of: anodized aluminum, stainless steel, their alloys, copper or brass.

An important moment! Two determining factors of wear out of parts in hookahs: increased humidity and friction. The water in the shisha flask and the moisture saturated with steam contribute to the rapid oxidation of the metal elements of the device. Friction during the installation of the shaft into the flask, as well as the force that must be applied for this, affect the strength of the part.

Aluminum shafts are among the most inexpensive. Aluminum does not impose stable anticorrosive properties. Under the influence of liquid and wet vapors, such shafts are oxidized, reducing the service life. Aluminum belongs to soft metals, so such products cannot boast of strength characteristics.

Stainless steel tubes are considered the most optimal for use in hookahs. They are not subject to corrosion and have a good margin of safety.

Copper is a relatively good option for making a shaft, however, over time it oxidizes and changes color.

Shafts made of various alloys exhibit low resistance qualities, so their service life does not exceed 2-5 years.

Height and Diameter

The size of the shaft plays a key role in the selection. The speed of smoke cooling and the level of thrust depend on its height. The best length of the hookah tube is about 60-80 cm. With a size of less than 50 cm, the steam may not have time to cool sufficiently. Also, the smoke will be filtered out worse. At a very high altitude, traction becomes difficult, and the aromatic properties of the smoke deteriorate. A 70 cm shaft is the best option for the ratio of the quality of steam cooling and the disclosure of the taste qualities of tobacco.

The diameter of the tube affects the ease of smoking a hookah. So, the ideal diameter is considered to be in the range of 11-13 mm. A larger diameter simplifies the smoking process and improves traction. If the shaft diameter is less than 11 mm, it is most likely a low-quality part made in China.

What Else to Pay Attention to

What Else to Pay Attention to

Additional chips, the presence of which also affects the quality of the hookah:

  • the diffuser muffles the characteristic sound created by the hookah;
  • an internal valve that replaced the protruding exhaust of excess steam. With its help, the shaft looks more ergonomic and convenient to use. The valve must necessarily contain a ball that opens the hole when purging;
  • the presence of an ice container in the upper part of the shaft, which performs the function of additional steam cooling;
  • flask connection type: threaded shaft and composite material with hermetic seal;
  • type of shaft: monolithic is considered the most reliable and durable, and the prefabricated simplifies storage and carrying.

What else matters: the country of origin, the availability of shisha accessories, for example, the type of shasha hose holder, the mesh on the saucer.


The shaft is the foundation of any hookah. The ease of smoking, the taste of smoke and the service life of the device depend on its quality. If you decide to purchase a shaft, then find out what material it is made of. If it is not known or you doubt the reliability, pay attention to the weight of the shaft: the heavier it is, the better the metal. You can also determine the metal by color. Choose an option with a tube height from 60 to 80 cm and a diameter of at least 11 cm. Such parameters will reduce the effort exerted when inhaling, as well as improve the cooling of smoke without affecting its taste qualities. You can buy a high-quality and reliable hookah shaft based on all of the above characteristics.