Why Do I Need a Hookah Diffuser and How to Make It at Home?

Why Do I Need a Hookah Diffuser and How to Make It at Home

It's no secret that recently the development of hookah Dubai and everything connected with it is especially noticeable. The leaders of the hookah industry create new models literally every month and what was considered the latest technology becomes obsolete and a new development comes to replace it. One of the most useful shisha accessories is a hookah diffuser. Let's figure out what it is and why it should be used.

What Is a Hookah Diffuser

A diffuser is a special device that separates the main air flow. Thanks to its unique shape, the thick stream of smoke that usually pops up in the flask as a large bubble is now divided into small bubbles. The diffuser allows you to make the thrust smooth and smooth, while reducing the noise coming from the bulb while smoking a hookah. The sensations of smoking a hookah with this device are more than pleasant and you will feel the difference instantly.

In addition, it can help to save your health, as the smoke is better filtered. This is due to the fact that small bubbles have much more contact of smoke with water than ordinary ones. Thus, the water will filter the smoke noticeably better, compared to using a hookah without a diffuser.

Another feature of the hookah diffuser is the reduction of the noise level coming from the flask when smoking. If a small hookah is not so annoying with its sounds, then larger analogues can cause discomfort over time. The diffuser provides smoke crushing, and small bubbles are much quieter and easier to overcome the water barrier.

Due to the separation of the main air flow into a set, the diffuser also performs such an important role as cooling the smoke. This fact is explained in a similar way — small bubbles have a much smaller area, which contributes to cooling. As many people know, water acts as an excellent smoke cooler, in addition to its main role — purification. Accordingly, when in contact with a small bubble, water will cool it much better than a large one. If ice is added to the shisha flask, then this process will be most effective.

What Are the Diffusers for Hookah and How to Choose the Right One

What Are the Diffusers for Hookah and How to Choose the Right One

To date, there are only 2 types of hookah diffusers on the market:

  • metal diffuser;
  • silicone diffuser.

It is easy to notice that their main difference is the material of manufacture. However, metal diffusers also differ in size. Actually, this is their main problem — almost every mine requires a unique diffuser. In other words, when buying a new hookah, you will need to buy a new diffuser — this is especially impractical for hookah establishments, where versatility is worth its weight in gold.

Unlike metal, silicone diffusers do not have any disadvantages of a fellow. Silicone is a very strong and reliable material, while it is flexible enough and does not lose its shape over time. Due to its unique material, it acts as the best noise and vibration absorbers, while resistant to temperature changes and does not absorb odors.

Considering that silicone stretches perfectly — it fits on any size of the mine without any problems — starting with the smallest representatives and ending with real giants. Do not be afraid to tear the silicone diffuser or damage it in any way — it is a very durable material, but this does not mean that it can be removed with a knife or other cutting object.

Silicone diffusers are available in a wide variety of colors — providing a flight of your imagination. For a transparent flask, you can choose a brighter diffuser and support other elements of the hookah with it, or stick to minimalism. You can buy a diffuser in any hookah shop at a fairly affordable price.

Proper Use of the Diffuser

There is nothing complicated about using a diffuser, but some features are worth mentioning. The diffuser must be put on the end of the shaft, which is in the water. To simplify the task, pre—moisten it in water and wet the end of the shaft - thus, the installation process of the diffuser will be much easier.

Remember that the diffuser must sit tightly on the shaft, otherwise it may slip while smoking, which will cause some discomfort. When using it for the first time, remember that the silicone should be slightly stretched with your fingers and gently put on the end of the shaft to prevent tearing, by applying cuts on the tube of the shaft.

How to Make a Hookah Diffuser with Your Own Hands

How to Make a Hookah Diffuser with Your Own Hands

If you don't want to spend money on a diffuser, then you can make it yourself at home. However, it is worth making a reservation — this is a disposable diffuser. For the manufacture, foil and an elastic band will be required, although you can do without the latter.

To begin with, roll up a sheet of foil so that you get a square of 15x15 centimeters. After that, lay it on some soft surface and make holes in the center of the foil, where the shaft hole will be located approximately. Now carefully squeeze the foil around your finger, imitating the tube of the mine, so that the homemade diffuser takes the appropriate shape. Next, we put the foil diffuser on the shaft, carefully squeezing it from all sides. If you have prepared an elastic band, it is recommended to compress the diffuser around the shaft with it to avoid slipping the foil.