Why Does Smoking Hookah Give Me a Headache?

Why Does Smoking Hookah Give Me a Headache

The disadvantage of the process of hookah smoking is a headache, which is sometimes complained about by avid fans of this pleasant pastime. But those who have joined this ancient tradition for the first time can also experience quite sensitive headaches.

So what's the matter? Is smoking aromatic mixtures through a flask of water necessarily accompanied by painful sensations in the head?  And if it is so, then why this process has been considered an exquisite pleasure for many centuries by many peoples, who are well aware of the true pleasures of life?

Why There Is a "Hookah Hangover"

Why There Is a Hookah Hangover

As you know, any pleasant activity will bring pleasure only when a person observes the measure and the rules concerning this activity.  Professional hookah smokers and knowledgeable fans of hookah smoking confidently assert that a headache during and after smoking can hurt only in the following cases:

  • Poor quality of the smoking mixture or shisha charcoal. Cheap hookah tobaccos contain an increased amount of nicotine, which will negatively affect the smoker's condition. In addition, homemade mixes are oversaturated with synthetic flavorings that can cause various allergic reactions when heated. And, at last, insufficiently warmed up or poor-quality charcoal turns into the supplier of poisonous substances which inevitably cause a spasm of blood vessels of the brain;
  • A copious smoke break on an empty stomach. In this case, the body suffers from a deficit of glucose, so filling the cells with smoke is painful for the brain. Therefore, do not forget to eat fruit and drink green tea with honey in the process of smoking.
  • Too frequent use of hookah - as mentioned above, pleasure in excess often turns into unpleasant painful sensations. You should not turn a pleasant process into an addiction. Today there are many cases of desperate smokers who have not let the mouthpiece out of their mouth for days on end.
  • Smoking a hookah with some alcohol in the shisha flask. Such a mixture will inevitably lead to severe consequences in the form of nausea and headache and certainly will not add to the expected pleasantness and lightness.
  • The use of flavored smoking mixtures in a poorly ventilated room. The stale air combined with persistent aromas can itself be a source of headaches.
  • Prolonged retention of smoke in the lungs. In the classic version, the hookah is smoked inhaling only after rinsing the mouth, as in the case of expensive cigars. You should practice a deep exhalation, completely clearing the lungs of smoke. However, many "aesthetes" prefer to use the delicious smoke flavor "all the way", often inhaling a full chest with breath-holding. That is, in this case, the smoker does not want to enjoy a refined smoke, but pursues a fundamentally different goal - to stupefy the brain and the body as quickly as possible with all the negative consequences that follow.

How to Avoid Headaches?

How to Avoid Headaches

If you follow all the rules of preparing the device for smoking, avoiding the mistakes listed above, then this process will give you only a pleasant experience. When we write about the rules, we mean the following important points:

  • Charcoal used in the bowl of hookah must be qualitatively heated to a full redness from all sides. This is the only way to avoid getting volatile carcinogens into the body.
  • Hookah bowl should also be heated with red-hot charcoal for 5-7 minutes. This will activate the process of constantly supporting the smoldering of the coal briquette.
  • Hookah maker should carefully monitor the condition of the contents in the bowl and the volume of water in the flask.

If you still sometimes experience a headache during or after smoking hookah, we recommend you to stock up a glass of regular milk, which should be drunk immediately after smoking. By the way, in the East and in India, where hookahs are smoked almost constantly, this process is necessarily accompanied by the consumption of a large amount of liquid - water or green tea. In our land this beautiful procedure is often spoiled by taking alcohol, which, of course, negatively affects both the sharpness of sensations and the well-being.

In Conclude

In Conclude

Remember - hookah is not a cigarette, a pipe or even a cigar. For hookah Dubai smoking to deliver maximum pleasure, you should enjoy the fragrant smoke in good company without drinking strong drinks. And then everything will be fine!