Why Is the Hookah Bitter and Sore Throat?

Why Is the Hookah Bitter and Sore Throat

Hookah Dubai smoking is a multi-level process that requires proper preparation if you want to achieve a tangible result. The taste and comfort of smoking affects literally everything: what model of hookah you have, how much water is in the flask, what kind of bowl, on a foil or on a shisha kaloud, how much and what size coals you have, what tobacco you smoke and how exactly you fill it with tobacco. All of these points, as well as other nuances can affect the final result. This material contains information about mistakes that you should not make and how to make a hookah so that it does not become bitter.

Why Does a Hookah Tickle Your Throat?

Many novice hookah fans note that sooner or later they get discomfort in the throat after another smoke break. This is due to the fact that tobacco smoke irritates the human mucous membrane, which causes pain.

There can be many reasons — both individual tolerance to smoking various tobacco mixtures or hidden human diseases, and a poorly filled hookah. It is this case that interests us.

It is very important to buy high-quality coal. After all, today, dozens of varieties are presented on store shelves. Manufacturers offer a huge range depending on the needs and material capabilities of the consumer. If smoking a hookah causes you discomfort and sore throat, pay attention to the composition of the coals and whether there are any additional chemicals in it. They are capable of negatively affecting human health when igniting coals.

The selected hookah liquid can also affect your well-being. When it comes to ordinary water, any avid hookah drinker will tell you that it is necessary to use only purified filtered water. But if you go deeper and consider exotic smoking options, it is worth mentioning that the use of alcoholic substances in hookah provokes ENT organ disease. Therefore, try to limit yourself to water.

If, after taking into account all these tips, you continued to smoke hookah, and your throat is still sore, you should think about an overabundance of neurotoxins in the body. Although hookah tobacco contains less nicotine than cigarettes, frequent use can still bring negative consequences due to the content of alkaloids that destructively affect the human mucous membrane.

Why Does a Hookah Tickle Your Throat

How to Get Rid of Sore Throat After Hookah?

At the time of pain, it is advisable to give up smoking hookah, so as not to provoke complications in the body. It is enough to rest for 5-7 days and deal with the root cause of the pain in order to eliminate it immediately.

Why Is the Hookah Bitter and There Is Little Smoke?

One of the most common problems can be considered the moment when the hookah begins to taste bitter. There may be many more root causes, but inexperienced smokers often have too dense filling of the hookah bowl, the wrong amount of coals and burning tobacco. As soon as tobacco begins to burn, a characteristic taste and smell of burning appears, creating discomfort when smoking. This should absolutely not be allowed, since combustion products and harmful resins begin to get into the smoke. If you continue to inhale them, you can feel:

  • headache;
  • dizziness;
  • nausea.

For the same reason, it is necessary to change the tobacco in the bowl, and not continue smoking burnt until it turns into ashes. If this is not done, events can develop up to complete intoxication of the body.

Temperature Balance

Temperature Balance

The fundamental aspect of hookah smoking is the preservation of temperature balance. It is worth remembering this, asking the question: “Why is hookah tobacco burning?” For comfortable hookah smoking with the achievement of the entire taste palette of tobacco, it is necessary to regularly blow the hookah. Each of your puffs increases the temperature inside the device and burns tobacco faster. Therefore, it is necessary to blow the hookah after several puffs, but it is not necessary to be zealous with blowing. To blow the flask, simply exhale into the hose, provided that the purge valve is slightly open. Otherwise, you risk filling the bowl with water. In order to blow the mine itself, it is necessary to blow air into the hose with short and rapid breaths, forcing a small amount of water to rise into the mine and push out the accumulated smoke.

To maintain an optimal temperature, do not start smoking the hookah too early, preventing the tobacco from baking ahead of time and maintain air circulation in the device while smoking it.

The most common cause of hookah fading, a small amount of smoke and the smell of burning is considered to be “uneven smoking". Often people take a couple of puffs and continue to talk to each other. The hookah, meanwhile, begins to lose its temperature. The air ceases to circulate, and tobacco is baked on top of the standing coals. To avoid such situations, pass the hookah to the next person if you smoke in the company. Also an important nuance is the fact that it is necessary to take deep puffs. In the case of shallow puffs in the throat, the hookah also suffers from insufficient circulating air.

Hookah Contamination

Another reason why the hookah began to taste bitter may be the contamination of the device itself. The resins settle on the walls of the shaft, flask and hose, after which they begin to get into the smoke, bringing an unpleasant taste. It is recommended to clean all elements of the equipment after each smoking session, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences, as well as regularly change the silicone hose (approximately every 7 months).

The Wrong Amount of Coals

The Wrong Amount of Coals

The reason why the hookah is bitter, and there is a dry and unpleasant taste in the throat, may be an incorrectly calculated amount of coals. Depending on the equipment used and the type of tobacco, it is necessary to estimate how many coals are required. For non-heat-resistant tobacco, it is recommended to put no more than 2-3 cubes of coal. Otherwise, tobacco will burn in the hookah bowl in the first 10 minutes and will begin to give a taste of bitterness and burning. For heat-resistant tobacco, you can safely put 3-4 coals, I'm not afraid to burn them, because they need a high temperature to reveal the taste. The tobacco manufacturer or specialists of the Hookah House store will help you determine the characteristics of your favorite tobacco and the optimal amount of coals for it.

Blowing Bowl

You can lower the temperature to get rid of the bitterness earned by too much heat by removing and blowing the bowl. To do this, remove the caladium or foil with the coals, gently grasp the bowl with something that will keep you from burning against it, and blow it from the underside. Consider it done, if the thick smoke stopped coming out of it, you can put the whole structure back in place and continue to enjoy your hookah.

Tobacco Burning

Another reason for burning tobacco may be a small distance between tobacco and foil / kaloud. To prevent such situations, it is necessary to create a distance of 2-3 mm from the top layer of tobacco to the foil /cloud. When using heat-resistant tobacco, you can open the bowl, remove the top burnt layer, mix the remains and seal it with foil again / put a kaloud. This technique will allow you to get rid of bitterness while smoking and prolong the smoking time of your hookah for another 30-40 minutes.

Poor Tightness

If for some reason your hookah on ordinary water is still bitter, the reason may lie in insufficient tightness. It is necessary to check how the air flows through the device. If it's too loose, then everything is obvious. Seal the hood and insert the hose better to eliminate all possible cracks. Also, the problem may lie in small holes in the hose.

How to Deal with a Small Amount of Smoke

How to Deal with a Small Amount of Smoke

Speaking of the quality of the tobacco itself, it is worth saying that if the raw material is too juicy, it is better to squeeze a little extra juice out of it before hammering it into the bowl. The right tobacco should be a little crumbly and should not be packed tightly in the bowl. If you overdo it by trying to fill with tobacco as much as possible, in addition to bitterness, you may encounter a lack of smoke. To eliminate this problem, loosen the tobacco and make a small well in the middle.

The second reason for the small amount of smoke can be a burnt charcoal. Before you start smoking the hookah, you need to let the bowl and tobacco warm up. Otherwise, it will burn too fast, the tobacco will burn, and the taste will be bitter. You can try again to blow the bowl and replace the charcoal.

To summarize, it is possible to make a short list of actions "what to do if the hookah starts to get bitter":

  • don't overdo it with the charcoal;
  • do not fill the bowl too tightly;
  • clean all parts of the hookah regularly;
  • don't use too hard tobacco if you can't smoke it;
  • blow the flask and shaft if you feel bitter;
  • do not allow depressurization of the design;
  • do not buy counterfeit products;
  • blow the bowl.

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