How Do I Use the Kaloud and What Is It for?

How Do I Use the Kaloud, and What Is It for

Many of those who are just getting acquainted with hookah, wonder how to score hookah on kaloud and what are the differences from foil. And kaloud in turn makes the process of smoking and cooking shisha more convenient and faster, so it makes sense to understand this question.

What Is a Kaloud?

What Is a Kaloud

A kaloud is a special device for controlling heat, which replaced the classic foil. It is a container with walls and a lid, in which hot coals are placed. The features of the structure allow you to evenly distribute the heat, and it is easier to regulate it with the lid.

Aluminum is a traditional material for kaloud and has a high heat transfer. Therefore, kaloud, with the same properties as foil, is more convenient to use.

Differences from Foil

Differences from Foil

There are certain differences between kaloud and foil. They consist not only in appearance, but also in functional features. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of kaloud compared to foil.


  • It is possible to control the heat with the lid.
  • No need to prepare for smoking, unlike foil, in which you need to make holes.
  • More cost effective than using foil.


  • No ability to use kaloud when plugging with overpacks.
  • You will need at least 1 more charcoal if using kaloud, as some of the heat will go into heating the case.

How to Choose the Right Kaloud

How to Choose the Right Kaloud

First of all, it should be noted that the kaloud is compatible with all bowls, with the exception of small Chinese chilies. However, its full compatibility will be with silicone bowls, in which it is firmly fixed in special grooves.

When choosing a kaloud, keep in mind that it is necessary to be guided by the size of your bowl. At the bottom of the shisha heads there are spherical bulges in a circle - they should be strictly inside the bowl, otherwise the bowl will be too small for the bowls. If the bowl is too big, then your caladium will fall inside it and not stand on the edges. However, the latter variant is very rare - more attention should be paid to the landing of the bowls.

You can buy a kaloud for hookah in almost every hookah store Dubai. Often an option of 3-6 kalouds of different sizes and manufacturers is provided. However, if you wish, you can order a kaloud from a shisha store Dubai. The cost of kaloud may vary greatly, but usually its price starts at 20 AED. The cheaper versions are usually made in China, while the more expensive ones are made in Europe or the USA.

Hookah Making

Hookah Making

The process of making a hookah with kaloud is almost the same as the same process, but using foil. All the same steps and the same sequence. However, using a kaloud will allow you to make a shisha at least 5 minutes faster.

To make a hookah using a kaloud, you will first need to score the bowl and light the shisha charcoals.

When the bowl is hammered and the coals are ready, you need to stack them in the kaloud. Open the lid of the kaloud and stack 3 coals (if they are 22mm) inside, as pictured. You can also use more or fewer coals by putting additional coals on the edge or by removing excess coals from the caladium.

If the coals are 25 mm in size, only 2 coals are placed inside. Adding additional coals, they are placed on the rib between the wall of the cauldron and the coals placed inside.

It will take about 5-7 minutes to warm up the bowl when smoking on a kaloud, because not only the bowl, but also the kaloud itself is heated to the desired temperature.

If there are a lot of ashes in the process of smoking, carefully remove the coals on a saucer and make sure that there are no ashes left in the kaloud. If not, the kaloud can always be picked up with tongs and shaken out onto the saucer.

In this way, the kaloud has made the process of hookah making, smoking and regulating the heat easier and more convenient, which is why it has gained such popularity.