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Russian Shisha Darkside Mars Apollo Crimson

AED 900 (246$)

Height: 59cm
Free Delivery within the UAE

Russian Shisha Darkside Mars Stealth Grey

AED 900 (246$)

Height: 59cm
Free Delivery within the UAE

Russian Shisha Darkside Orion Apollo Crimson

AED 690 (189$)
Out of Stock

Height: 52 cm
Free Delivery within the UAE

Russian Shisha Darkside Orion Indigo Blue

AED 690 (189$)
Out of Stock

Height: 52 cm
Free Delivery within the UAE

Russian Shisha Darkside Orion Stealth Grey

AED 690 (189$)
Out of Stock

Height: 52 cm
Free Delivery within the UAE

In this section of the hookah store presents popular models of hookahs from the company Darkside. In 2018, this manufacturer was awarded the title of "Brand of the Year" in the JohnCaliano Award. The title was awarded for the creation of stylish devices with a carefully thought-out design. In the manufacture of all elements, high-quality, durable and safe for health materials are used - aircraft anodized aluminum and stainless steel. These are universal shisha that can be used at home or in professional establishments.

Features of Darkside Hookahs

All models of Darkside hookahs are supplied without flasks. But you can buy flasks separately. There is no problem with this because the mines are compatible with many standard flasks.

Characteristics of Darkside hookahs:

  • The standard set of models that you can buy in our store, includes the shaft, the hose with connector, saucer, a set of seals and the mouthpiece.
  • Inside the shaft is covered by a special alloy, which is easy to clean, so the cleaning of hookah does not take much time.
  • Some models have a collapsible shaft.
  • High-quality blowing and cooling the bowl.
  • Each model has several colors.

The main advantages of hookahs of this manufacturer are a stylish design, durable body, easy draw, easy assembling and long service life.

Darkside Hookahs Assortment

We offer two popular models from Darkside: Orion and Mars. These are the most common positions of the manufacturer that are successfully used both in professional establishments and at home. These models are available in three colors: burgundy, blue and gray.

Item 1


These models are characterized by a reduced height of the shaft - 52 centimeters. This size allows the device to occupy little space and provides ease of transportation.

Advantages of Orion hookahs:

  • Protection from scratches and chips. The mouthpiece is made of anodized aluminum.
  • Circle blowing valve.
  • Rapid cooling of the bowl.
  • The presence of magnetic ports simplifies the process of connecting the hose.
  • Reasonable price for the product.
  • Stylish and simple design.

Item 2


Advantages of the model:

  • Ease of use. Mouthpiece with silicone coating.
  • Saucer with rounded sides protects from spilling charcoal.
  • Good blowing and cooling.
  • Magnetic ports can be changed if needed.
  • Soft touch coated hose.
  • Long life due to the use of stainless steel in the shaft construction.

It is worth to note that there is no diffuser in hookahs, so the draft is not regulated.

Buy Hookahs Darkside in the UAE

At HookahMarket, you can buy Darkside hookahs with free shipping all over UAE. The shipping time depends on your location. For residents of Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman, it will be made on the day of your order, as long as it is placed before 5pm. If the purchase has been paid for after this time, the courier will bring it the next day. You can return the hookah if it does not suit you for any reason, but in this case the integrity of the device and its packaging must be preserved.

In our catalog you can easily find a suitable hookah model. Each product has a detailed description, as well as photos of the entire design and individual elements. Pay attention to the delivery kit of hookahs - the kit does not include a flask. You can buy it and other accessories in our store. If you have any questions about the choice, you can always ask for help from our consultants by calling the phone number listed on the website.