What is the best Russian shisha lounge in Dubai?

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Where to buy shisha?

In our online store you can order any product and arrange for home delivery. We will bring the parcel on the day of application, or the next day. Remember, the buyer must be over 18 years.

How to smoke correctly?

To avoid a headache after smoking, you must follow the rules: do not do it hungry, use good-quality charcoal, drink fluids, ventilate the room, do not combine with alcohol, alternate breaths of smoke and oxygen, do not smoke too long.

Is a hookah harmful?

Compared with cigarettes, the harm is much lower. There is no absorption of hot tar and no direct burning of tobacco. The filtration system cleans and cools the smoke. Not addictive.

Why pour milk into the flask?

This is done so that some flavors of tobacco, especially fruit and berry flavors, are better revealed. You need to take one part milk and two parts water. You can use clarified juice. It is not recommended to experiment with alcoholic beverages for this purpose. Contact a hookah store HookahMarket, where you will be advised all the rules of refueling.

What kind of charcoal to buy?

The best option is coconut charcoal. Its advantages are the absence of extraneous odors, ensuring uniformity of combustion and minimal ash and ash residue. Charcoal is made from deciduous and citrus varieties, which provide the possibility of strong heat, but rather long ignition and short-term combustion.

Why does a hookah draw hard?

It is probably because there is too much water in the flask. If there is less liquid, the draw will be easier. Also, do not take tobacco in excess and compact it into the bowl very diligently. And don't forget to clean the hookah in time.

How to cool the smoke?

Do not choose hookahs with a short shaft, because of the heating from the bowl. It is better to buy a taller hookah and put ice cubes into the flask. For more effective action, use special mouthpieces with cooling inserts inside.