Shisha Hoses in Dubai

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Shisha Hose / Pipe Snake - Light Blue Python

AED 490

Color: Light Blue

Shisha Hose / Pipe Snake - Dark Blue Python

AED 490

Color: Dark Blue

Shisha Hose / Pipe Snake - White Python

AED 490

Color: White

Shisha Hose / Pipe Snake - Yellow Python

AED 490

Color: Yellow

Shisha Hose / Pipe Snake - Burgundy Python

AED 490

Color: Burgundy

Shisha Hose / Pipe Snake - Pink Python

AED 490

Color: Pink

Shisha Hose / Pipe Snake - Cognac Leather

AED 410

Color: Cognac

Shisha Hose / Pipe Disposable Hose Glass Foam


Color: Black

Shisha Hose / Pipe Silicone Black

AED 40

Color: Black

Shisha Hose / Pipe Disposable Hose Plastic Foam


Color: Transparent

Shisha Hose / Pipe Disposable Glass Foam without foam


Color: Black

Shisha Hose / Pipe Hoob Silicone Grey

AED 60

Length: 1.6 m

Color: Grey

Shisha Hose / Pipe Disposable Glass with Foam - Gold


Color: Gold

Shisha Hose / Pipe Disposable Glass with Foam - Blue


Color: Blue

Shisha Hose Silicone Soft Touch Basic Black (12x17)

Out of Stock

Size: 12x17
Color: Black

Shisha Hose Soft Touch Import Black (12x17)

Out of Stock

Size: 12x17
Color: Black

Shisha Hose / Pipe Hoob Silicone Black

Out of Stock

Length: 1.6 m

Color: Black

In this section of the online store HookahMarket presents shisha hoses of popular brands. We cooperate directly with trusted suppliers. Our range offers only quality products, you will not find cheap Chinese fakes of low-grade materials. In the catalog site you can order a hose of any type, size and configuration.

Choosing the right hose will allow you to fully enjoy the taste and smell of tobacco. It is believed that its length affects the quality of hookah smoking. But this opinion is wrong. You can safely choose any convenient size. The main thing is to pay attention to the quality of the material.

Shisha Hoses in Dubai

Silicone Shisha Hoses - the Main Advantages

It is immediately worth noting that silicone hoses are the most popular in the hookah market. They have many advantages and provide opportunities for comfortable and pleasant smoking. Medical silicone is considered a hygienic material, safe for health, as it has protection against the spread of bacteria.

The main advantages that silicone shisha hoses have:

Easy to clean

Easy care, washing and maintenance.


Safety for health, do not emit harmful substances.

Not allergic

Do not cause allergic reactions.


Have high indices of strength and reliability.

Service life

Durable for long periods of time.


Resistant to shape-changing under the influence of high temperatures.

Don't absorb odors

Don't absorb extraneous odors.

Tobacco flavor

Can transmit tobacco flavor perfectly.

If plastic shisha hoses receive regular and proper care, they last long and reliably.

Choosing a Shisha Hoses

Before you start looking for the right option, you need to understand the difference between a hose and a mouthpiece. This can lead to confusion. If the product description says HOSPITAL, then you are getting a complete kit. When you write the word MUNCH, the silicone part and the connector do not come in the order. Be careful on this point.

In order to buy shisha hose that can transmit the smell and taste of tobacco as openly as possible, you need to look closely at the following criteria:

  • Length. This point is worth considering if you are not going to smoke hookah alone. For a company of two or more people, it is better to choose hoses with a length of about 2 meters.
  • The size of the hole. If it is enlarged, the draft will be better, the smoke will come faster and in a larger volume.
  • Material. The best option - silicone. Simple, convenient, reliable and inexpensive.
  • Completion. Choose options with a mouthpiece and a connector.

Shisha Hoses

When choosing a mouthpiece for the hose, it is better to give preference to metal. Such devices are more durable and reliable.

Buy Shisha Hose with Cooling

Hoses with cooling is a practical device for comfortable smoking. Externally, they do not differ from the usual silicone pipes for hookah. Only the diameter changes, it slightly increases. The mouthpiece in such a device has an important role. If it is made of metal, the cold is preserved longer, the plastic versions are heated faster.

A hose with cooling implies the use of special capsules. They are frozen in advance before smoking and placed in the mouthpiece. In this way they perform the freezing of the incoming smoke. The average duration of capsules is about a couple of hours, which is quite enough for a good comfortable rest with the hose.

You can buy shisha hose of any size, diameter and type in the online store HookahMarket. Here is a convenient search and easy ordering process. If you have any difficulties with choosing the right product, please call by phone number listed on the site. Our consultants will be happy to help you find the right accessories, as well as charcoal or bowls.

In our store you can buy shisha and pick up all the necessary accessories for it. When choosing hoses you need to pay attention to the size of connections.