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Shisha Coconut Charcoal COCOLOCO 1kg

AED 30 (9$)

Size: 25 mm cube (1 kg) 72 pcs

Shisha Coconut Charcoal Tom Coco Gold 1kg

AED 20 (6$)

Size: 25 mm cube (1 kg) 72 pcs

Shisha Coconat Charcoal COCOLOCO Minipack (12 pcs)

AED 6 (2$)

Size: 25 mm cube (12 pcs)

Shisha Charcoal Premium Coconut Coal 1kg

AED 25 (7$)

Size: 26 mm cube (1 kg) 64 pcs

Shisha Charcoal Coco Ajamy 1kg

AED 16 (5$)

Size: 25 mm cube (1 kg) 72 pcs

Shisha Charcoal Cocodalya 64 pcs - 1kg

AED 30 (9$)

Size: 26 mm cube (1 kg) 64 pcs

Shisha Charcoal Cocodalya 72 pcs - 1kg

AED 30 (9$)

Size: 25 mm cube (1 kg) 72 pcs

Charcoal Premium Coconut One Nation 1kg

AED 30 (9$)

Size: 25 mm cube (1 kg) 72 pcs

In this section of the online store HookahMarket range of charcoal for hookah Dubai. Only quality products from leading manufacturers are offered here. All products in this category meet high standards of safety and reliability of use, as evidenced by the presence of appropriate certificates. We are not supporters of chemical compounds, so here you can buy shisha charcoal only of natural origin.

We recommend to use coconut or wood charcoal. These are the two most common and high quality types. They are both made from natural raw materials, the composition of each is safe for health, since it does not contain resin and sulfur, does not emit acrid smoke and harmful substances. We do not advise you to use self-igniting charcoal, you simply will not find such in our range.

Features Shisha Charcoal

Charcoal made from wood is the most natural among all existing. For its manufacture are used environmentally friendly materials. Lemon wood is considered a common option. The peculiarity of charcoal from this material is the ideal burning temperature. Lemon firewood smolders for a very long time and gives the smoke a pleasant citrusy smell.

Shisha charcoal can be made from different species. Pay attention to the version made from olive seeds. It has excellent quality and high rates of kindling. At the same time there is no extraneous smell and taste of tobacco is not distorted. Frequent replacement of this charcoal is not required. It holds well the heat and does not crumble in combustion.

The main features of charcoal:

  • Burns for half an hour or slightly longer.
  • Requires time to ignite - about 10 minutes.
  • Assumes regular shoveling of ash.
  • Kindled on a special burner or stove.
  • Has the shape of cubes or cylinders.

Shisha Charcoal

If you want to try charcoal, we recommend buying a lemon charcoal. Not for nothing it is the most popular among professional smokers.

Advantages of Coconut Charcoal for Hookah

Charcoal made from coconut shells ranks first in popularity in the hookah market. This demand is due to the presence of many advantages and a wide range of options. There are a total of three types of coconut charcoal forms: in tablets, under the kalaud and in the form of cubes. The first one is ideal if you are going to use it outdoors, it has a compact size and affordable cost. The last option is universal, as it is convenient to use in any environment. The peculiarity of the coal under the calaud - it does not require the use of foil, it is laid in a special device in the number of three pieces.

The main advantages of any coconut charcoal for hookah:

Item 1

Lack of tar.

Item 2

Has no odor.

Item 3

Minimal ash sediment.

Item 4

Does not affect the taste of tobacco.

Item 5

High speed of ignition.

Item 6

Long burning period.

Item 7

Has different forms for any devices.

Item 8

Holds shape perfectly, does not crumble.

Item 9

Natural and safe composition.

To enjoy hookah for an hour only two or three cube of charcoal. Do not forget to carefully preheat it on a special stove on each side.

Buy Coconut Charcoal Online

If you opted for coconut charcoal, you are guaranteed a long and comfortable smoking! This section of the online store offers a full range of products. Here you can buy coconut charcoal of any shape and size. In the catalog of HookahMarket site organized by a convenient product search and a simple scheme of registration of purchase.

If you have any difficulties with the choice of coal, you can ask for help from our consultants. For this purpose you should write to e-mail address specified on a site or call by phone number +971 52 221 1623. After making a purchase, your order will be delivered to your home the same day or the next.

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