Conceptic Hookahs

Russian Hookah Conceptic Smart Carbon Yellow

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Height: 41 cm
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Russian Hookah Conceptic Smart Steel Pro (Flask Corrugated)

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Height: 41 cm
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Russian Hookah Conceptic Steel

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Height: 64 cm
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At HookahMarket you can buy shisha from the popular brand Conceptic. This manufacturer has received wide popularity thanks to the original design of its products. Hookahs of this brand are distinguished by progressive modern design. High-tech devices have become not just devices for smoking, they perform the role of a stylish piece of interior. The manufacturer manages to combine an attractive appearance, reliability and quality performance of all parts.

Advantages of Conceptic Hookahs


Industrial design.

The quality processing

The quality processing and assembly of all parts.

Reliable materials

Reliable and durable materials.

Adjusting the draw

Adjusting the draw with diffuser.


Existence of decorative steel linings.


Solid connection of valves.

Conceptic Hookah in Dubai Online Store

HookahMarket offers a popular model of hookah from Conceptic. This is a miniature Smart Carbon. Its height is only 41 centimeters. It is convenient for use both at home and outdoors. Comes with flask, shaft, hose with mouthpiece and saucer.

Features of Smart Carbon:

  • Compact size.
  • Stainless steel metal parts.
  • Classic draw.
  • Collapsible mouthpiece and carbon lining.
  • O-rings hose connector.
  • Non collapsible.
  • Saucer not painted.
  • Availability of a removable diffuser.
  • The base is made of polyacetal.

Mouthpiece and shaft are made in a single industrial style. The diameter of the base is only 10 centimeters.

Buy Conceptic Hookah with Delivery in the UAE

Buy a high-quality and stylish smoking device is possible in our online store with convenient delivery terms. Residents of Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman can make a purchase on the website until 5 pm and get it the same day. Other cities also have short delivery times. Conceptic Smart Carbon hookah can be ordered with free delivery throughout the UAE.

The catalog of our store provides a convenient search for hookahs and all the necessary accessories - flasks, bowls, hoses and more. If you have any difficulties with the choice of goods, you can ask for help from the consultants of HookahMarket. Email us at [email protected] or WhatsApp Chat or call us at +971 52 221 1623. Get more information about the Conceptic brand.