How Do You Score a Silicone Bowl with a Kalouds?

Many hookah smokers are interested in the question of how to score a silicone bowl. In fact, there is nothing complicated about it. Moreover, it is almost impossible to make a mistake, and there is no big difference whether you cover it with foil or prefer a kalouds.

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Where Do We Start to Score the Bowl?

Let's assume that the hookah is already washed and assembled, the flask is filled with water. Now you need to prepare the tobacco, which you will put in a silicone bowl. All you have to do is:

  • pour the smoking mixture on a table or board and loosen it with your fingers;
  • If it is too wet - gently squeeze it with a napkin to remove excess liquid;
  • If necessary - recombine it, remove sticks and other unnecessary inclusions.

Now we begin to hammer the bowl. It is advisable to fluff the tobacco and stack it so that air can flow freely through the layer of the smoking mixture. It does not matter if you use a clay bowl or a silicone one; you will get a good smoke.

So, the smoking mixture is laid down. What's next? What else do you need to pay attention to?

Peculiarities of Kalouds Cramming

Should you leave an air space between the tobacco and the bottom of the metal container that you place on top? The traditional approach to hookah smoking recommends doing exactly that. The thing is, if you cover tobacco in a clay or silicone bowl with foil without leaving an air layer it will start to burn and the smoke will become bitter.

If you're using a shisha head with a kalouds, that problem might arise. But, on the other hand, you can easily adjust the temperature of the coals by moving the flaps, and achieve that the smoking mixture will get hot but not start to burn. So there is an alternative opinion: pour the tobacco in such a way that it touches the kalouds and fear nothing.

However, this is more of an option for experienced smokers who know how to control the heat coming from the charcoal. If you have just recently joined the ranks of fans of aromatic smoke, use the traditional recipe and leave a free space between the bottom of the kalouds and the tobacco.

The rest is easy. You heat coals, wait until they become red-hot, then you put them in a metal container and close the lid. You wait a few minutes until the tobacco is thoroughly heated, and then you can start smoking.

We hope that our advice on how exactly you should score a bowl made of silicone will be useful to you.