How to Improve the Taste of Hookah – the Best Tips

How to Improve the Taste of Hookah – the Best Tips

Beginners who have recently acquired a hookah cannot immediately achieve a pleasant taste and thick smoke. The taste depends on a dozen factors.

Even hookah Dubai fans with experience are faced with poor heating, spoiled taste, bitterness, a small amount of smoke Useful tips and tricks will help improve the taste of hookah.

What Determines the Quality of Hookah Smoking

The taste of the hookah depends on the choice of tobacco, coals, the correct filling of the bowl and the preparation of the smoking device, the hookah model means a lot. It is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to improve the taste on old devices. If your hookah is already several years old, it's time to think about updating. For other cases, the two main components of a delicious hookah are tobacco and coal

  • Tobacco. Take excise tobacco of proven brands. The taste is affected by the quality of the product, the conditions and the shelf life.
  • Shisha charcoal. Use only natural shisha charcoal, preferably coconut. As a last resort, take wood. But don't buy self-igniting coals.

The quality of smoking also depends on the design of the hookah, the method of stuffing. Each hookah has its own favorite tricks to improve the taste.

If You Don't Feel the Taste of Tobacco

If you have prepared the hookah correctly and scored the bowl, but in the end you got tasteless hookah smoke, perhaps it's tobacco. There may be several reasons:

  • Low-quality tobacco. Weak impregnation is found in both cheap and expensive pubs. The lack of taste is the result of weak impregnation, poor-quality flavors. There are slightly pronounced flavors - strawberry, banana, mango. Buy tobacco from another manufacturer. If the problem persists, look for the cause in the hookah or its preparation for smoking.
  • The method of filling the bowl. Fans of strong hookah squeeze tobacco before filling. This adds strength, but reduces the taste. A similar situation is the "fluffy" filling of a small amount of tobacco. The taste will be less saturated. Do not squeeze tobacco and fill 2/3 bowls.
  • Proper storage. Hookah tobacco should not be kept open. It dries up and loses its taste. Store it in an airtight container.

Tips for Improving the Taste of Shisha

Tips for Improving the Taste of Shisha

You take high-quality tobacco, natural charcoal, you have a good hookah, but the taste still turns out to be insufficiently saturated. Look for the reason or improve the taste in non-standard ways:

  • Check the tightness. For a rich taste and an abundance of thick hookah smoke, air should pass only through the bowl. There is a simple way of tightness. Remove the bowl, cover the shaft with your hand, and draw air through the shisha hose. If the air passes even a little, inspect all connections.
  • Hookah purge. If an extraneous taste, bitterness appeared during smoking, and the smoke became heavy, blow out the hookah. In older models, there is a valve with a metal ball in the purge system. Keep an eye on him, periodically clean and blow the hookah while smoking.
  • Heating of coal. Insufficient heating of coal spoils the taste of hookah. Make sure that the coal is heated from all sides, otherwise you will inhale a lot of carbon dioxide. This will not only reduce the pleasure of smoking, but also lead to headaches.
  • Warming up the bowl and tobacco. Do not rush to light a hookah immediately after the coals are ready. Wait 5-8 minutes for the bowl and tobacco to warm up evenly. Tobacco will retain its taste, will smolder gradually and give a lot of smoke.
  • Use a molasses catcher. To make the smoke clean and tasty throughout smoking, install a shisha molasses catcher on the shaft. A small addition to the hookah collects syrup and tobacco particles, prevents them from polluting the shaft and water. The fragrance opens up better, the smoke becomes light and pleasant.
  • Diffuser. The diffuser is installed on the lower part of the shaft. This part cleans the smoke, facilitates traction due to the dispersion of air flows.
  • Keep the hookah clean. Clean the hookah after each smoking. Especially when scoring intensely flavored tobacco. Clean the main parts and hoses. For convenience, get special thin and long brushes.

A Few More Tricks

A Few More Tricks

Hookahs with experience use various tricks to improve the taste of hookah. Some are universal, others are for the amateur.

  • Green tea. Some hookah makers claim that green tea enriches the taste of smoke, makes it pleasant. They advise lovers of experiments to start with a small amount, gradually increase it to the desired taste.
  • Saturation of tobacco with oxygen. Before clogging tobacco, leave it outdoors for half an hour. This simple action enhances the taste.
  • Cooling. Cool smoke seems cleaner and more fragrant. Use a tube with replaceable cooling capsules. If you have a regular pipe, keep it in the freezer for 10-20 minutes before smoking. Another way is to add ice to the water. The smoke will be cool and thick. Stick to the proportions - put one part of ice on three parts of water. Put ice in the water, not the other way around, so as not to damage the flask.
  • Additional aromatization. Instead of water, you can pour juice or soda into the flask. Or make a hookah on fruit. It is most convenient to cut a bowl from apples, pineapples, pears, citrus fruits. Make the upper edges of the fruit shisha bowl smooth so that the charcoal does not roll down. If you successfully choose tobacco, the taste turns out to be interesting, unusual and rich.

To improve the taste of hookah, you can use a combination of these tips. Clean the hookah after smoking, blow it, add a diffuser and a molasses trap. Take note that the cooled smoke reveals and conveys the taste of the smoking mixture better. And don't forget to warm up the bowl.