Overview of Craft Hookahs and legendary Craft Flasks

Review of Craft Hookahs and legendary Craft Flasks

The domestic Craft shisha company from Novosibirsk is known to many for its flasks. They deservedly occupy one of the leading positions in the market. However, the company also has a line of hookahs themselves. Among the features, we can note the unique flasks in the configuration and a very pleasant pricing policy, as well as close cooperation with China. The company produces some parts in Novosibirsk, and some in China.

Craft Flasks

In the assortment of the Craft company there are flasks for almost any hookah. Their universal Craft Neo flasks with a height of 25 cm with a floating diameter of 45 mm ± 3 mm allow them to be used for various models. All flasks are made by hand and it is possible to monitor the water level on all models. Among the Craft flasks with a seam, there are many colors.

For hookah models from the company's line, threaded flasks are sold separately. The Craft Mini flask is designed for miniature hookahs and is much smaller in size than the standard one, which makes it easy to take it on hikes.

Craft Classic is a classic elongated flask shape. The water level is not always visible in them, depending on the color of the matte coating. The height of such a bulb is 26 cm, and the diameter is 45 mm ± 1 mm. However, the Craft Classic flask can be transparent, which will appeal to fans of classics.

For fans of custom design, there is a Craft Uneed model. Its distinctive feature is a recess for illumination and a thick bottom. The water level, despite the bright design, is perfectly visible.

And the latest model in the line of Craft hookah flasks is Craft Amy. The flask looks like a twisted spiral and is made by hand, and therefore, the parameters of different copies may vary slightly. The model is provided transparent, which allows you to perfectly monitor the water level inside.

Craft Flasks

Craft Ginger Gringo Mini

The Craft Mini hookah kit includes all the necessary components. A shisha bowl, a flask, a shisha hose and the hookah itself. Despite its smallness, the hookah has a full-size flask. Its design in the spirit of the rest of the company's devices is impressive — mirrored mother-of-pearl glass. All the hookah surfaces are made of smooth stainless steel, the design of which is emphasized by impeccable polishing. Only the saucer is made rough and matte, which looks very interesting in contrast with the rest of the device.

The hose attachment is made on an “o-ring” type mount, and the bulb itself is attached to the hookah using a threaded connection. The diffuser provides semi-classical traction, although it does not eliminate the sound of bubbling when smoking. Installation on the submerged part may cause difficulties, but is carried out by simple pulling.

The color solutions are classic for the company — black, blue, red. All components of the hookah are supplied in separate boxes, which make unpacking the device a pleasant and convenient activity. In addition, the boxes can be saved for later storage of the device.

Craft Ginger Gringo Mini

Craft Gypsy Nano

Hookah Craft Gypsy is an excellent example of a really miniature and maximally functional hookah. Small dimensions and modest weight make it an ideal option to take with you. The set includes a special case-box, in which it is convenient to fold the hookah for transportation or storage. Externally, it resembles a case for photo accessories. Despite the miniaturization, when fully assembled, there is place in the case for tobacco, coals and some other useful trifles.

Also included in the kit of the Craft Gypsy Nano hookah are all the main components — silicone pads, a bowl, a flask, fasteners for a hose and a purge valve. The inner part of the hookah, as well as the parts in contact with water, are made of stainless steel. The mouthpiece and accessories are made of aluminum, and the base is made of plastic.

The flask in Craft Nano is also reduced in size. It is thanks to this individuality that this model compares favorably with competitors in this segment. The diffuser is removable and installed on the submerged part by pulling on the shaft with a seal. Smoking with it will provide the user with near-classical cravings.

Another similar solution is a hookah Craft stick Nano. Nano is distinguished from the classic by the absence of shaft linings and a simplified delivery package. You can buy a hookah shaft separately.

Craft Gypsy Nano

Craft Juno

Craft Juno Shisha Dubai can be called an intermediate link between the full-size version and the Nano version. The length of the shaft of this model is 59 cm with 13 cm of internal diameter. The set includes a shaft, a saucer, a set of seals and a mouthpiece. With an additional payment, you can supplement the set with a branded flask.

The saucer, unlike other models, is made here in the form of a relief grid, which prevents coals from rolling on it. The base is made of polyacetal, the immersion parts of the hookah are made of stainless steel. A distinctive feature of the company claims a unique vertical purge system.

The diffuser is represented by a classic solution for the company in the form of a removable valve with several holes. Due to the physical complexity of its removal or installation, many users either do not use it, or buy a more advanced solution on the side.

Polyacetal linings on the mouthpiece and shaft are responsible for the design of the Craft hookah. Unlike other models, here the shaft nozzle is a single part in the form of a flattened cylinder. There are two color solutions to choose from: gray hookah and black.

Craft Juno

Craft Ginger Gypsy

The package of Craft Ginger Gypsy includes: hose, shaft, mouthpiece, saucer, hose and purge valve connectors, spare o-rings, flask and silicone seals. All parts in contact with water are made of stainless steel. All exterior and decorative elements are made of anodized aluminum. The base of the hookah is a polyacetal part. The ports in the base are made of stainless steel. The design of the device is fully collapsible, including pads. The diameter of the shaft is 13 mm. The brand name of the model is applied to the base.

The built-in Craft hookah diffuser has a rather rigid attachment with a shaft, which can cause difficulties when installing it. Users note a light semi-diffusor/semi-classical thrust with a noticeable bubbling. The purge valve contains one plastic ball and does not harm the tightness of the device.

A feature of this model is the monolithic connection of the shaft. The design of the base is made in such a way that, in fact, it is simply pressed against the structure of the shaft. This solution significantly prolongs the life of the device, eliminating the possibility of breakage, due to the deformation of the base.

The design of the model is presented in three colors — black, blue, red and gold. Two figured overlays on the polyacetal shaft repeat the color of the model. When ordering the device, it is possible to choose the color of all elements: bowls, flasks, linings and shisha mouthpiece.

Craft Ginger Gypsy

Among the disadvantages, some users note a strange connection in the mouthpiece area. The working part is screwed into the decorative lining in such a way that over time it tears the o-rings at the attachment point with the hose. This is not a big minus, because it costs a penny to change silicone rings, however, you need to take this into account when choosing models from this company. Also, the solution of fixing the diffuser remains strange, which many complain about. This does not make any critical changes to the operation of the device, but the implementation could be more user-friendly.

Among the advantages of the line, it is possible to note the convenience of customization by colors — Craft company knows a lot about painting flasks and selecting hookah components for them. By ordering everything at once, you will definitely be satisfied with the appearance of your new device. The pricing policy does not differ much from competitors, however, it is more attractive due to the presence of branded flasks in the kit. This is a plus both from the design side and from the reliability side. Separately, it is worth noting the Nano model, since this model was particularly successful for the manufacturer. The combination of dimensions, convenience and functionality is beyond praise and is ideal for smoking on hikes.