What Is the Best Size of Charcoal for a Hookah?

What Is the Best Size of Charcoal for a Hookah

Charcoal, namely coconut charcoal is an integral part of a delicious hookah Dubai. Today, two dimensions of “fuel” for hookah are the most popular - 22 and 25 millimeters. A large cube of 31 millimeters has also recently appeared, but we will not dwell on them, in view of the low prevalence. So, the main question is: which one is better? 22 or 25?

Charcoal 22 Millimeters

The gold standard of the industry. For many years, three cubes of the 22nd size warmed our bowls and gave us the opportunity to enjoy the smoke. The most important advantage of such coals is the actual size, they are safely placed in the hookah kaloud and leave the opportunity to use the lid. Also note the smaller amount of ash they leave, faster heating and readiness to work. And in the work, this product is the best, the most subtle heat control is achievable with 22 mm coal.

According to the size, there is also a minus, often three coals are not enough to completely smoke the bowl, especially if you like a classic Turkish bowl. Using three 22-x cubes with a large volume of shisha bowl, you risk simply throwing away most of the tobacco, to which the heat will not reach.

Hookah Charcoal

Charcoal 25 Millimeters

The size is rapidly gaining popularity and there are reasons for that. Three of these cubes of shisha charcoal allow you not to think about choosing a bowl, all the tobacco will be smoked, and you are happy. This is the main plus, especially if you are a fan of strong tobacco, where a large amount of heat is required.

But there are also disadvantages. A huge amount of ash, the inability to use the kaloud cover, overheating is unlikely to cool the shisha head to a comfortable level. Otherwise, 25 millimeters can be said to be more convenient. This size has more work formats. We are referring to the use of two cubes for ladies who do not need strength. And, accordingly, three cubes for heavier stuffing.

In Conclude

In Conclude

We have told you about the pros and cons of two sizes of charcoal for hookah. And it is really difficult to choose any one option. Our recommendation is to have both varieties, each of them is good in its own way and will be useful in particular situations with a specific tobacco.