What Is the Best Thing to Drink While Smoking a Hookah?

What Is the Best Thing to Drink While Smoking a Hookah

Hookah gourmands say in one voice that drinking while smoking is a must. The reason is quite simple and physiological. Smoke tends to dehydrate the cells of the human body, and if you don't compensate for this with liquid, then not the most pleasant consequences are likely - dry mouth and headaches are ensured.

Therefore, when buy hookah in Dubai, think in advance what drink would be a great addition to it.

Tea - the Best Friend


Oriental hookah lovers have always accompanied hookah ceremonies with abundant consumption of green or black tea without sugar, not to interrupt the flavor and aroma of the smoke, but only to improve the taste. Oriental tea of different varieties gives the hookah a special aftertaste, and if you dive deeper into the subject of tea, you can even learn how to select a particular drink for a different kind of tobacco. Competently prepared tea in combination with hookah smoke can give you incomparable taste sensations. To start with, try the wonderful Milk oolong variety, and then experiment with different teas, because everyone's taste for tea is different.

Here's a short list of teas that would be perfect with a shisha Dubai:

  • Fruit tea.
  • Carcade.
  • Milk Rooibos.
  • Traditional Indian Masala Tea.

Coffee Is a Good Alternative


Coffee and waterpipe smoke are on different poles by their properties - coffee beans increase blood pressure, while waterpipe smoke, on the contrary, helps to lower it. As a result, the use of strong coffee with waterpipe will give you an interesting effect, especially if the drink is brewed from natural beans and has a rich aroma and taste, especially this is famous for real Turkish coffee. Add a chocolate mixture and you get just an extravaganza of exotic flavors.

It Is Better to Forget About Juices

Fruit juice is not the best choice when smoking hookah because it tends to negate the aromatic and gustatory effect of the most saturated smoking mixes. In an overabundance of glucose you can forget about replenishing moisture in the body. Juice and hookah - these two pleasures are best not mixed, even if we're talking about fresh juices. It's either one or the other.

Drinking Water


A sip of cool water with lemon is just what you need in a good hookah. Water will replenish the balance of fluids in the body and give the smoke an interesting flavor if you add a slice of lemon to it. Drink chilled non-carbonated water - it will moisten the mouth, relieve the feeling of dryness, and also help to avoid headaches.

Important! Carbonated water makes you thirsty, and in combination with smoking it will only intensify.



It would be a big mistake to neglect this seemingly simple drink. Well, really, what can a glass of plain milk add to a hookah? The same could be thought about water, but we have already learned that not everything is so simple. Ordering a glass of milk is the right decision. Those who have tried slowly sipping milk in small sips while smoking coconut or mint hookah, confirm in chorus that the taste of smoke gets an indescribable milky hue.

Milk has its advantages, perfectly combines with sweet and spicy flavors, unexpectedly revealing them. The taste is similar to a milky fruit cocktail. It is better not to take too fatty milk and take into account the body's reaction to such a drink.

Let's Say "NO" to Alcohol


Alcohol in combination with hookah in modern Russian restaurants is practically the norm. And the fact that there is nothing more damaging to the taste of smoke than the accompanying consumption of alcoholic beverages does not stop the citizens. A glass of wine is sure to turn off the taste buds, leaving the smoker without pleasure, also giving him a headache in the morning. If you can ruin a good shisha with anything - it's alcohol.

And last, but not least. Another mistake made by hobbyists and beginners is to smoke on an empty stomach. Everything is important in hookah smoking - the technique, the drinks, the mix, etc. Seem complicated? No, you just need to respect this ancient, delicate tradition and not to invent additional "pleasures" that will only spoil the whole process.