What's Good Hookah Bowls Oblako?

Sometimes it is difficult to choose a good hookah bowl. In the store there is a huge selection of models that their diversity makes one dizzy. For long-term smoking and full transfer of flavor, experts recommend taking Oblako bowls. The company Oblako started to develop and produce their own chilies in 2016. The manufacturer has done its best to create the perfect high quality product with a signature style. They are available in different colors, which will allow you to choose the most suitable option for your hookah and the option of engraving at your discretion.

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Positive Qualities of Oblako Bowls

If you have a desire to buy a bowl of Oblako, get acquainted with its features and advantages. The brand products to this day gets a lot of positive feedback from Ukrainian smokers because of the convenient design. Even with frequent use, there are no cracks on the surface of chilies, and the product long retains its attractive pristine look. Thanks to the use of milking, the flavor of the chilim improves. This product can be safely chosen as a gift for a fellow smoker. Sold in a stylish package with a branded signature.

Oblako Bowls Have Many Advantages

  • provide continuous smoking;
  • well-thought-out, stylish design;
  • Resistance to temperature changes and light mechanical damage;
  • are made of white clay by their own technology;
  • long service life;
  • uniform distribution of heat.

All bowls of the brand produce the milking process and are additionally covered with a protective organic coating to prevent syrup from soaking into the clay.

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What are the Oblako Hookah Bowls?

In the range of the manufacturer there are only two series of chilies, each of which has its own characteristics. The manufacturer uses high-quality, environmentally friendly raw materials and proven technology to manufacture products in the Basic series. The cups of this line are made in the same color and differ in size:

  • S - a small bowl, its capacity - 12-15 grams, suitable for individual smoking.
  • M - can be used for both light and heavy tobacco.
  • L - the capacity of such a chilim is 25 to 30 grams. Intended for larger groups of smokers.
  • Black - a real "killer", used for smoking heavy tobacco.

Glaze Top bowls are available in different colors, so you can choose the right model for your hookah. In their manufacture, food-grade and safe for human health glaze and high-quality clay are used. Are you looking at Oblako products and don't know which waterpipe bowl to choose? Managers of our shisha store Dubai will tell you.