When It's Time to Change the Hookah Hose?

When It's Time to Change the Hookah Hose

Some shisha fans do not get pleasure from smoking after a while. They replace the old hookah with a new one, not considering at all the importance of such an accessory as a hose.

Shisha hoses affect the quality of smoking, taste and even safety of the process.

Why Change the Shisha Hose?

Why Change the Shisha Hose

The first reason: it's a concern for your hygiene!

There are special types of hookahs that have non-washable hoses. These include, as a rule, the Egyptian Khalil Mamoon models. They are made in such a way that they simply cannot be cleaned from the inside with water.  Models that cannot be washed should be changed as often as possible. With long service, they not only spoil the taste, but also become dangerous in terms of hygiene.

The second reason: a change in the taste of tobacco.

If at some point the usual flavor of the hookah has acquired a strange shade - this is a reason to think about the condition of the hose. The fact is that it is impossible to completely get rid of the taste of tobacco. Ideally, it is worth buying several separate hoses: for sweet and fresh tobaccos.

Third: the appearance of the product.

With constant use of the device, the bright coating of the pipe begins to fade. When the coating wears off and the pipe darkens, the taste of the tobacco begins to change. Be prepared that the clean and rich tobacco smell will be mixed with the unpleasant residue of past smokes.

How Often Should I Change the Hookah Hose?

How Often Should I Change the Hookah Hose

The hose is an expendable, which should be replaced at least once every 3-4 months. Changing the hose guarantees you not only hygiene but also safety, because, unlike the shaft, you can't clean the hose with a pipe brush, removing all the accumulated plaque on its walls.

How to Choose a Quality Accessory?

How to Choose a Quality Accessory

Manufacturers offer a variety of types of hoses. The best material for the hose is considered to be silicone. Silicone hose does not absorb the smell and does not affect the taste of tobacco.

To check the quality of the silicone is very simple: just bend it in half and squeeze with your fingers. If a white color is clearly visible, the silicone is of poor quality.

Everyone chooses the material according to their preferences. Some are afraid that plastic and glass break, so they choose metal. But metal, in turn, rusts over time and this noticeably affects the taste.

Effectively look multicolored hoses, they give the hookah Dubai a stylish bright accent.

What you should pay attention to first of all:

  • Internal composition: the most important purpose of the hose is to clean tobacco smoke from impurities.
  • Length: the longer the hose, the better and more convenient.
  • Thickness: A thick tube of the hose will make the smoke much easier and the smoke will be denser.
  • Material: silicone is considered the best.

Shisha Hose Care Tips

Shisha Hose Care Tips

The hose needs to be rinsed. To do this, lean one end of the hose against the faucet and dip the other end into the sink or bathtub. Rinse only with warm water. Dry the hose by hanging it up: do not twist or bend it! After rinsing, any water remaining in the hose should drain off and evaporate.

The hose will last longer if cared for properly.