Alpha Hookah: Review of Models, Description, Advantages

Alpha Hookah: Review of Models, Description, Advantages

Alpha Hookah is one of today's most popular Russian-made hookah brands. Started with repainting mines and flasks, an unknown company from St. Petersburg today can boast an excellent selection of designer hookahs with original design.

Advantages of the Brand

At one time, Alpha Hookah very quickly gained popularity. Many attributed this to the shortage of quality hookahs in the Russian market. However, even today, when smoking devices and accessories of any company can be ordered on the Internet, the Russian company remains in the top.

What makes hookahs from Saint-Petersburg fundamentally different from other manufacturers?

  • Unique vertical blowing system;
  • original design;
  • Long warranty period;
  • opportunity to choose the shape and color of the flask;
  • high-quality mouthpieces;
  • easy draft.

This alone is enough to make your choice in favor of Alpha Hookah and buy shisha online Dubai. However, let's take a closer look at each model on the market.

Alpha Hookah X

Alpha Hookah model X is undoubtedly a legendary hookah, which, in fact, started the history of the brand and love for it's customers.

All components of the hookah, which have direct contact with the liquid are made of medical steel, decorative overlay and the mouthpiece are made of anodized aluminum and have a non-separable design. The base is made of polyacetal engineering plastic. It provides the hookah stability and lightness.

Hookah shaft is available in different colors:

  • dark blue;
  • matte black;
  • purple;
  • red;
  • fluorescent green;
  • orange;
  • turquoise;
  • neon;
  • bronze;
  • as well as in some other unique shades under brand names.

Alpha Hookah X

The shaft has a standard height of 42 cm, but accessories are always available with which it can be enlarged. On the shaft is a removable diffuser - one of the features of the model X. It can be screwed to either side and get different draft strength. This is very practical. The hose is made of "Soft Touch" silicone. The connector is fixed on magnets, which is not quite usual, but quite convenient.

The main feature of the hookah is the original blow-through. The smoke does not come out of the valve blowing - it is absent at all in Alpha Hook, and from the holes in the shaft, and a very nice "crash" at the bottom of the saucer.

Hookah looks compact and luxurious at the same time.

Alpha Hookah Beat

Alpha Hookah Beat is a mini shisha for those who aren't willing to sacrifice smoking qualities for size.

This hookah starts with a stunning box made in the form of a portable speaker with a graffiti motif pattern. Actually, this is the first reference to the name of the smoking device.

The flask is glass and comes in two colors - transparent and darkened. The shaft with numerous engravings deserves special attention. At first glance, it looks undismountable, but the two screws in the bottom allow you to take it apart and see what is hidden inside.

In the body of the shaft is a second reference to the name - two balls that go up and down while blowing. Just like the volume indicators in the equalizer.

The base, like the base model X, is made of high quality polyacetal. The hose is silicone with Soft Touch coating.

Alpha Hookah Beat

Alpha Hookah Kappa

The Alpha Hookah Kappa is an updated model of the beloved Alpha Hookah X. It inherited from the "big brother" both the unique blowing mechanism and the appearance. But there are a few significant differences.

Instead of polyacetal in the base of the Kappa model is anodized aluminum, the saucer has a water-repellent coating.

The paint for coating the flask is still powder, but the colors are much more - 20 different shades to choose from, including unique, beloved by customers since the X-model.

Glitter has been added to the paint, which turns the shisha into a chameleon. It changes color depending on the level of light and angle of incidence. It looks modern, stylish and very unusual.

Blowing is carried out in a saucer - the company does not change its trademark chip. The hookah itself is a little taller and more imposing than the Alpha Hooka X, but it is noticeable only in comparison. During use, it does not look ridiculous or bulky.

Alpha Hookah Kappa

The draught is a little denser than previous models, but that doesn't make the Kappa worse than its predecessors. Compared to other brands of hookahs, it can be called "average".

The hose is a little longer, but has a similar nice coating, not subject to kinks.

Alpha Hookah S

Alpha Hookah S - another top model of the famous hookah, which proved that their spectacular launch in 2015 was not a coincidence. The hookah looks expensive (however, it also costs a lot): gilded inner shaft of medical steel, high-quality powder coating (matte or lacquer to choose from), the same amazing blow-out from a single exhalation and the unchanging output of smoke from the side slots directly into the bottom of the saucer.

The shaft is marked with a snake icon, the distinctive logo of this model. The detachable diffuser easily adapts to both classic and diffuser draws.

The ring of the magnetic connector is protected by a plastic cover. This serves two functions at the same time:

  • It protects the part against syrups and liquids and thus prevents oxidation;
  • allows you to quickly attach the connector to the port without allowing it to be magnetized to the side - a small change that has made life easier for tens of thousands of hookah users.

Alpha Hookah S

Fair Price

Alpha Hookah prices seem a bit steep at first glance, but once you unpack it you'll realize it's worth the money.

The device is really a genius. Probably no other manufacturer you will not find more stylish design and variety of colors. The power, draught and quality is also above all praise.

Of nice bonuses - the possibility to buy original accessories:

Alpha Hookah

Each Alpha Hookah is securely packaged in a stylish box with handles that can be used to store and carry the device. Inner liners securely protect the flask and delicate parts of the smoking device from damage.

However, there is hardly anyone who wants to store hookah in a package - its aesthetic perfection, gracefulness of form and stylish color begs for an open shelf or showcase.

On the box is placed a unique holographic sticker. As Russian-made hookahs are often counterfeited in China lately we recommend everyone to be very careful when buying the product to avoid coming across a second-rate fake.

The prices start at 680 AED and go up to higher prices for exclusive models (for example, the Artist series with exclusive calligraphic drawings from Pasha Almazov). In general, the brand can boast an adequate pricing policy, as well as the quality, which is consistent with the cost of the device.

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