TATTOO Hookahs

Russian Hookah Tattoo Staff Scull

AED 250

Height: 45 cm
Free Delivery within the UAE

Russian Hookah Tattoo Staff Cosmos

AED 250

Height: 45 cm
Free Delivery over the UAE

Russian Hookah Tattoo Staff Spider

AED 250

Height: 45 cm
Free Delivery over the UAE

Russian Hookah Tattoo Staff Yggdrasil

AED 250

Height: 45 cm
Free Delivery over the UAE

Russian Hookah Tattoo Staff Young

AED 250

Height: 45 cm
Free Delivery over the UAE

Hookahs from the manufacturer Tattoo - an exclusive design and fully collapsible structures. The brand is recognized through the use of unique themes in the design of each device. Here uses laser engraving of all visible parts. Models hookah Duba differ from each other with tattoo-style designs. The manufacturer emphasizes the high quality of hookahs made from reliable and durable materials - stainless steel and polyacetal.

Advantages of Tattoo Waterpipes

Affordable price

Affordable price.


Smooth even thread of all connections.


Protection against rot and corrosion.

Minimal noise

Minimal noise when using.

Easy traction

Easy traction.


Connectors on o-ring seals.

Collapsible design

Collapsible design for thorough cleaning and easy transportation.


Five year manufacturer's warranty.

Tattoo Hookahs in Online Store HookahMarket

We offer a popular model from the brand Tattoo - Staff Scull. This is an inexpensive and durable hookah. It consists of a shaft, a mouthpiece, a saucer and a hose. The delivery set includes a set of seals. The flask must be purchased separately. The shaft has a diameter of 15 mm, according to this characteristic in our store you can choose the appropriate flask.

Features of Tattoo Staff Scull Hookah:

  • Vertical blowing.
  • The height of the hookah is 45 cm.
  • Availability of built-in diffuser.
  • Laser engraving even on the immersion tube.

Buy Hookah Tattoo with Delivery in the UAE

You can order an inexpensive quality hookah from the manufacturer Tattoo with free delivery throughout the UAE. HookahMarket online store provides fast delivery of purchases in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. Residents of these cities when ordering on the website before 5 pm, the goods are delivered the same day. If you pay later, delivery will be made the next day.

If you have any questions concerning the choice of hookahs you can use the help of consultants in the store. To do this you need to call the phone number listed on the site, or write to e-mail [email protected].

You can also order delivery of bowlsflasks or accessories to your home as soon as possible.