Hookahs on Fruit: Types of Bowls and Peculiarities of Smoking

Hookahs on Fruit: Types of Bowls and Peculiarities of Smoking

Hookah on fruit almost instantly became a trend in the hookah world. It is considered one of the most delicious, flavorful and, if I may say so about the smoke, juicy, because tobacco absorbs the fullness of the fruit flavor.

Fruit Bowls as an Alternative to Clay Bowls

On the one hand, using fruit instead of clay shisha bowls is a one-time process. But on the other hand, its specificity provides that unique rich flavor that is so beloved by hookah lovers around the world. And the addition of fruit juice to the flasks makes smoking even more enjoyable and unforgettable. In this article, we will reveal to you the basic nuances of making waterpipe with fruit.

Fruit Bowls as an Alternative to Clay Bowls

Pros and Cons of Fruit Hookahs

Let's start by objectively weighing both sides of the coin: advantages and disadvantages of fruit hookahs. So, their key pluses include:

  • A rich natural aroma and flavor that cannot be obtained by any chemical method.
  • The possibility of continuous hookah smoking due to the fact that the fruit juice prevents the tobacco from drying out quickly.
  • It is possible to smoke fruit shisha for a longer period of time than usual, because the tobacco smolders on a warmed fruit very slowly. In addition, a fruit bowl can hold more tobacco than a classic clay bowl.
  • The aesthetic appeal of such a hookah and the opportunity to take beautiful stylish photos with friends.

Nevertheless, beautiful fruit hookahs have some disadvantages as well:

  • Since fruit consumes a lot of heat, you need to keep the temperature high throughout the smoking experience.
  • Preparation of a fruit bowl requires certain skills and time costs.
  • Consumption of tobacco and shisha charcoals when using a fruit hookah is also increased.
  • As already noted, fruit hookah bowl is a disposable thing, despite its rather long cooking time.

Main Types of Hookahs with Fruit Bowl

If you want, you can make a hookah with almost any fruit - just as long as it is dense enough and easy to work into the shape of the bowl. However, there are several most popular fruits that are best suited for such purposes. About them we will talk further.

Orange Hookah

Orange Hookah

Orange has a distinctly sour-sweet flavor and pairs well with both fruit and berry and citrus flavors of tobacco. But, in general, orange is versatile and pairs well with all flavors - so perfect for experimenting with mixing.

Of course, it makes a smaller bowl than, for example, grapefruit or pineapple, so for long gatherings of a large company it will not be suitable, it is more for gourmets and lovers of savoring.

By the way, the taste of orange hookah is similar to grapefruit, but it does not have a characteristic bitterness and is generally sweeter.

The only disadvantage of the orange bowl is that such hookah is smoked for only 40-45 minutes.

Grapefruit Hookah

This fruit has a pleasant sour and tart taste and goes well with fruit and berry flavored tobacco mixes (these are cherry, strawberry, forest berries, orange, apple). Tobacco mixes with mint, menthol and other fresh flavors are also very popular - combined with the subtle tartness of grapefruit they create an original effect.

The grapefruit bowl is reinforced on the inside with a mesh or toothpicks, then tobacco is poured in and covered with several layers of foil covered with small holes.

The peculiarity of this bowl is the fact that moist and juicy grapefruit gives the taste a special brightness, and the filling turns out strong and saturated.

This hookah is smoked for about an hour and a half.

Pomegranate Hookah

Pomegranate Hookah

Pomegranate is a rich sour-sweet flavor that is perfectly matched with berry, chocolate, and coconut flavors of tobacco.

Turning this fruit into a hookah bowl is a rather laborious task, but nevertheless doable. To do this, you need to cut the pomegranate in half, then peel it from the grains so that the wall thickness is about 2.5 cm. Then, as in the case with any fruit bowl, you will need to make a hole, a lattice of toothpicks, lay tobacco and foil.

Another feature of pomegranate hookah is the excellent smoke. This property was achieved with a pomegranate bowl due to the moisture-rich seeds: this fruit distributes heat wonderfully and almost never gets burnt.

Hookah Dubai with a pomegranate can be smoked for about 1 hour on average.

Pineapple Hookah

This is one of the most popular options for large companies, because the size of the pineapple allows you to put quite a lot of tobacco in it. It is also most harmonious with berry and fruit flavors, and has a pleasant bittersweet flavor on its own.

The main highlight of this fruit bowl is the size of the pineapple which allows you to make a puff of two tobaccos at once: this allows you to create completely unique flavors.

To make a hookah bowl from such a fruit, it is advisable to choose a slightly unripe, and therefore denser fruit. Inside the bowl you will also need to make a grid of toothpicks before filling the tobacco.

Pineapple hookah can be smoked for two hours, the main thing is to change the coals in time.

Coconut Hookah

Coconut Hookah

Hookah on a bowl of coconut - what an exotic beauty! The first step of preparation is to make a cut of the coconut with a hacksaw. The parts of the coconut should be in the ratio of 3:5 to each other. To make a chilim, you take the larger part. Using a sharp stabbing object, a hole is made for the shaft. The tobacco is loosely spread out on a rack of toothpicks prepared in advance at the bottom of the bowl. The open part is wrapped with perforated food foil. Hookah on coconut bowl is combined with flavors of watermelon tobacco, apple, melon, mint and cherry.  Coconut milk combined with skimmed cow's milk can be used as a filler.

Hookah is fragrant, and the bowl retains heat for a long time due to the dense shell of the nut.

Melon Hookah

Melon has a very sweet, soft and delicate flavor that goes well with almost all fruit tobaccos (you can also add the taste of mint or coconut). The characteristic sweetness of this fruit bowl is given by the juice evaporated during smoking.

Moist and juicy melon almost does not overheat, smokes soft and easy.

A special chic is a melon shisha on milk: the fruit and filler in such a combination fully reveal their flavor.

Due to its size, it is, again, perfect for relaxing in a large circle of friends. For a hookah, it is best to choose either just ripe or slightly unripe fruit. If you change the coals in time, the process of smoking melon hookah can last for 1.5 hours.

Apple Hookah

Apple Hookah

Despite the fact that the apple is a rather common fruit for our latitudes, the shisha Dubai on it is one of the most exquisite. Usually for the preparation of a fruit bowl take hard varieties.

Green apples give a pleasant sour-sweet flavor: the berry flavors of tobacco are perfectly combined with them, as well as melon and mint.

Red apples, on the other hand, give tobacco a sweet and delicate flavor, and here you can use both candy flavors to enhance the effect, and fresh or sour flavors to achieve harmony.

Because an apple has a rather thin peel, it is essential to use a firm variety: otherwise the fruit will simply "drying". If you choose the right apple, you can smoke this kind of hookah for about 40 minutes.

Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

So, the answers on how to make a fruit hookah are fairly uniform for most fruit. Once you've made various fruit hookahs at least a few times, you can already do it with almost any fruit. And the reward for your hard work will be one of the most delicious, flavorful, and relaxing hookahs possible!