How Much Coal Should I Put in the Hookah?

How Much Coal Should I Put in the Hookah

The preparation of hookah Dubai seems simple only at first glance, but in fact this process has many nuances. One of them is to choose the right amount of coals – the temperature of the bowl, the duration of smoking and other factors depend on them. In this article we will tell you how many coals you need to use when making a hookah, and why this question is important.

The Effect of Coal on the Duration of Smoking

The hookah did not meet your expectations and stopped smoking after 40 minutes of smoking? In this case, there is a high probability that you have used an insufficient amount of coal.

3-4 pieces of coal are optimal, but it is worth remembering that this parameter may vary depending on the quality of foil, tobacco and the number of smokers. Hookah plays an equally important role: in some cases, for example, when using a pineapple bowl, you may need up to 8 pieces.

So that the question of the amount of coal does not cause difficulties, we note that two pieces are enough for comfortable smoking for 40-50 minutes. In this case, you provide a good smokiness, as well as a rich taste. Do you want to prolong the smoking process? Then we recommend using 3 pieces. You can enjoy a hookah for up to 1.5 hours, forgetting about the constant blowing of fuel.

Brand of Charcoal for Hookah

Brand of Charcoal for Hookah

The most popular brands of coconut coals are Coco Lava, Tom Coco and Cocobrico. They are available in tablets and bars of different shapes. Note that cubic coal is suitable for small bowls, whereas in other cases it is worth using flat raw materials.

If you prefer high-quality coal, for example, from the manufacturer Cocobrico, two bars will be enough for an hour of smoking. Zaeem Golden and Al Fakher guarantee the same efficiency. It is not worth using coals from little-known brands, since they may have a number of disadvantages:

  • bad ignition;
  • rapid destruction in the process of decay;
  • small amount of smoke;
  • the possibility of an unpleasant aftertaste.

When using low-quality coals, you may encounter headaches and nausea, so we recommend giving preference to products from proven manufacturers.

Smoking Hookah with Kaloud

Smoking Hookah with Kaloud

To facilitate the manipulation of charcoal and increase the duration of smoking, it is worth using a shisha kaloud. This device contributes to the uniform distribution of heating, which directly affects the softness and taste of the hookah. A high-quality kaloud has a number of advantages over foil, among which stands out:

  • reducing the amount of ash;
  • accelerating the warming of the bowl;
  • protection from burns;
  • easy to adjust the heat;
  • the possibility of conducting smoking sessions outdoors, including in windy weather.

Don't like the taste of tobacco? With kaloud, you can replace it by choosing a different flavor. It is for these reasons that it is worth using such a device – it will greatly facilitate the process of making a hookah.

What About Wood Charcoal?

Wood charcoal is used less often than coconut charcoal, because it smoulders slowly and emits less heat. Nevertheless, such raw materials have one indisputable advantage, which is the possibility of ignition with a conventional lighter. The same applies to the so-called "self-ignition", or rather tablets.

When using low-quality wood fuel, you may need from 3 to 6 coals to cook a delicious hookah. Again, this parameter depends on the manufacturer, so we recommend ignoring offers from untested brands.

Additional Recommendations

Additional Recommendations

Do you remember at the beginning of the article we said that the preparation of hookah is associated with many nuances? You will definitely see this in practice, but for now we recommend reading the tips that will help you avoid an unpleasant experience:

  • If the hookah is being prepared for a friendly company, it is worth using less fuel. Since the puffs will be made more often, the coal will get very hot. Ignoring this recommendation, you risk facing overheating of the bowl.
  • You need to use only proven charcoal, for example, coconut. It is made from ground coconut shell, and has an impressive burning duration.Gorenje. In terms of its performance, such fuel exceeds wood grades by 2 times, which once again speaks about its quality.
  • Using silicone bowls, it is not necessary to use a large amount of coals. Despite the supposed heat resistance, silicone does not tolerate overheating and begins to melt from exposure to high temperatures.
  • If smoke rises from the hookah bowl, it means there are too many coals in it.

It is noteworthy, but not only the amount of fuel plays an important role, but also its placement in the bowl. So, for example, by placing charcoal on the sides of the container, you will get rid of excess heat and make the hookah tasty and smoky.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that it is possible to understand what amount of coals is optimal only by trial and error. We, in turn, have provided you with recommendations that minimize the likelihood of encountering unpleasant situations. Cooking delicious and smoky hookahs is simple – it is only important to understand what factors can affect the quality of the finished product.