How to Store Tobacco for Hookah?

How to Store Tobacco for Hookah

Hookah Dubai smoking has become a popular pastime. Professionals who smoke hookahs know the rules of smoking and have a whole collection of tobacco. However, not everyone knows the rules for storing tobacco, so that it retains its qualities and distinctive properties for a long time. If the conditions are not met, the taste and aroma of the smoking mixture deteriorates.

Not all smoking mixtures have a sealed package in which they can be stored for a very long time. An ideal option for storing an opened pack is an airtight container. In it, tobacco will not lose its aroma and will retain its taste qualities. Always choose a quality product from trusted manufacturers. Tobacco should consist of finely chopped leaves, foreign components should be absent. To store hookah parts, use hookah bags.

Storage Location

Store the tobacco mixture at home in a dark, cool place. The tobacco mixture contains a glycerin component. At high temperatures, it can change its structure, which negatively affects the qualities of smoke.

There is no specific temperature for the preservation of the properties of the tobacco mixture. It is not recommended to send the container with it to the refrigerator. In the summer, store it in the lower compartment on the refrigerator door. After all, when tobacco freezes, its taste qualities are lost.

Acclimatization of Tobacco for Hookah

A few words should be added about the acclimatization of the tobacco mixture. The main lines of the Tangiers trademark need to be acclimatized. Tobacco of other brands does not require acclimatization, because they use simple components from a chemical point of view. If after the autopsy you felt the taste of burnt and hard smoke, then the tobacco did not breathe properly.

The acclimatization process is as follows:

  • it is necessary to spread the mixture in a thin layer on foil for 4 hours;
  • put the mixture in an airtight container;
  • put in storage for 20 hours.

A day later, the tobacco mixture is ready for smoking.

How Important Is Tightness

How Important Is Tightness?

Store the tobacco mixture in an airtight container. This will prevent it from drying out. The ideal option is a glass or plastic jar. It should be the same volume as the volume of tobacco purchased. If the jar is too big, place the tobacco additionally in polyethylene.

Some manufacturers supply the product in tin cans, in which not only the aroma, but also the moisture and consistency are well preserved. Serbetli, Starbuzz, Al Fakher and other popular brands produce standardized packages that are packed from 50 grams. They are not ideal packaging for storage after opening.

Shelf Life of Tobacco Mixtures for Hookah

The shelf life is 1-3 years. It depends on a variety of factors. Temperature is one of these factors. Having bought fresh tobacco, take care of proper storage so that the tobacco mixture pleases as long as possible. More detailed information is indicated by the manufacturing companies on the packaging.

Conclusions About the Proper Storage of Tobacco

Conclusions About the Proper Storage of Tobacco

The recommendations are as follows:

  • hermetically sealed packaging – the best storage containers;
  • store in a cool place, at room temperature, for example, in the kitchen for half a century in the shade or in lockable drawers, in the refrigerator in the lower compartment of the door,
  • do not allow sunlight to get in, so that the tobacco does not dry out ahead of time;
  • do not allow the smoking mixture to freeze;
  • keep an eye on the moisture of the consistency. If it has dried up, it means that you are storing the mixture incorrectly;
  • the storage container should be suitable in volume, extraneous flavors should be absent.

The above tips will allow you to keep your favorite tobacco for a long time. As a result, it will smoke as if you opened the package yesterday. Properly store and take care of the product, and then you can enjoy the taste of the last grain of sand and have a good time.