Why Do I Need a Molasses Catcher for a Hookah?

Why Do I Need a Shisha Molasses Catcher for a Hookah

Some hookah manufacturers have started adding a molasses catcher to the design. This is an accessory that delays and collects the "sauce" of tobacco. The shisha molasses catcher is installed between the hookah and the bowl.

Buyers immediately appreciated the novelty. The taste with it becomes pure and saturated. Tobacco particles and syrup do not get into the shaft, so it is easier to wash the hookah after use. We understand the design, types and advantages of the molasses catcher.

Purpose of the Shisha Molasses Catcher

Buyers also know the molasses catcher by other names: syrup catcher, oil collector, molakiller, catcher. In new models of hookahs, this device is already included in the package. For old hookahs, the accessory is sold separately. The main purpose of the syrup trap is the purity and richness of the taste of smoke.

When filling the shisha bowl with tobacco, small particles fall into the shaft. Syrup also accumulates there. When heated, foreign impurities distort and spoil the taste of the hookah. Gradually, the accumulation of syrup on the walls of the shaft leads to corrosion, the hookah becomes unusable faster. When a molasses catcher is used, all foreign particles are collected in it, do not fall into the shaft. This simplifies cleaning and prolongs the life of the hookah.

Advantages of the Hookah Molasses Catcher

Advantages of the Hookah Molasses Catcher

The syrup catcher is structurally simple, but effective. A small detail saves the user from two problems at once – it makes smoking a hookah even more pleasant and simplifies its care. The advantages of the accessory are not limited to this:

  • Extends the service life of the shaft, made of non-stainless steel. No syrup on the walls – no corrosion.
  • After use, it is easily washed with plain water.
  • The shisha accessory improves the taste of the hookah. The syrup does not get into the shisha flask, so the purity of taste is preserved.
  • With a molasses catcher, you no longer have to clean the shaft with a brush. It stays clean.

Some believe that the syrup catcher does not allow plaque to form on the water. This is not true. Plaque appears due to hardness salts and smoke, no device can save you from it. Depending on the hookah design, the molasses trap is installed immediately under the cup or under the plate.

Types of Shisha Molasses Catchers

Types of Shisha Molasses Catchers

The compact accessory improves the characteristics of the hookah Dubai without compromising the appearance. Thanks to this small detail, you can sometimes afford not to wash the shaft immediately after use. Externally, molasses traps differ, but the principle of operation and design are the same. Speaking about the types of oil collector, they usually mean the material of manufacture.

  • Glass. Glass molasses traps resemble a small cone. The accessory looks unusual and looks beautiful, connects to the shaft by lapping. The principle of operation of the device is clearly visible through the transparent walls. The syrup traps are made of borosilicate glass, resistant to mechanical damage. It is difficult to break it.
  • Anodized aluminum. The most common option. Aluminum models look slightly different than glass ones. The design is slightly different, the syrup is held better. Such molasses catchers are suitable for any hookahs.
  • Stainless steel. This material is preferred by well-known brands. Stainless steel syrup traps are durable, effective, and look beautiful. When buying, check the oil collector for compatibility with the hookah model.

Many companies have already launched the production of molasses catchers. For example, the Kaya brand produces models made of all materials: aluminum, stainless steel and glass. The German company Amy offers customers hookahs assembled. That is, a molasses catcher has already been installed in their design.