Why Does the Hookah Charcoal Go out?

Why Does the Hookah Charcoal Go out

Probably, there is no such shisha Dubai fan who has never encountered the fact that coal is constantly going out.

This is a common problem for beginners, but experienced smokers also often face such an unpleasant situation. As a result, the mood can be hopelessly spoiled, and the smoking process itself will not bring any pleasure. So why is the coal going out in the hookah, and how to fix it? The view matters. All coals for hookah are conditionally divided into three groups:

  • quick-igniting. Very simple ignition technology (using matches or lighters). The disadvantage is the decay time from half an hour to an hour;
  • coconut. Smoldering time – up to two hours, leaves a little ash;
  • woody. There are no extraneous aromas, a small amount of ash remains.

Professional hookah makers, of course, know the subtleties of handling each of the types. But people who rarely deal with this can make mistakes and provoke coal fading. Here are some recommendations for handling each of them, following which you will be able to get the maximum pleasure from smoking hookah:

  • quick-ignited coals spark and emit smoke when ignited. You can put the tablet on the bowl only after the smoke and sparks disappear, as well as the acquisition of a uniform red hue. The use of not fully prepared coal will lead to the fact that it will fade very soon after the start of smoking;
  • coconut and wood products do not emit smoke during ignition, but they should also turn red on all sides;
  • do not forget to turn the coal over to achieve uniform heating;
  • if you use an electric stove for ignition (they can be different: gas or special), you can cover the coal with a foil cap. This will speed up the process.

Pay attention to the place where you decided to buy coal for a hookah. If you don't trust it or it has a dubious reputation, it's better to look for other sellers. The fact is that suppliers often neglect coal storage standards, as a result of which the product becomes damp. The consequence of this is a rapid attenuation and lack of pleasure from smoking.

Quality of Coals

Quality of Coals

The same type of coal of different brands may differ in quality characteristics. If you are in doubt, conduct a simple experiment: completely warm up the coal and put it on a metal surface. The duration of its burning should be about 20 minutes. If the attenuation happens faster, it is worth buying another product. And for an effective choice of coal, it is worth reviewing all their characteristics. If you want to find out which coal is right for you, then read the article Charcoal for Hookah - Types and Features.

Lack of Oxygen When Smoking

This is also the reason why shisha charcoal stops burning. If you have covered the coals tightly with foil for a long time, thereby blocking the access of oxygen to them, then wait for attenuation and bitterness when smoking. If you want more heat from the coals, cover it better with a hookah cap. They also come in different characteristics, and it is better to select them individually for your hookah: a regular cap, a silicone cap.

The Process of Smoking a Hookah

The Process of Smoking a Hookah

You can start it 10-15 seconds after placing the charcoal on the foil. At the very beginning, it is recommended to take a few deep puffs (before the appearance of saturated white smoke). After a couple of minutes after warming up, it is better to move the coals closer to the edge and gradually shift to the center. The amount of tobacco in the bowl also matters! If there is too much of it, the syrup can get on the coal and interfere with normal burning. Characteristic signs are crackling and hissing. If you choose the right bowl for tobacco, then this can also be avoided.

Heat Control Devices for Hookah

Professionals advise using a shisha kaloud (a device for placing coals). It is easy to use, and it can be found in different formats. Suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

At home, an alternative to them is foil, which covers the bowl. Handling of coal during smoking. While smoking, do not forget to shake off the ashes and turn over the charcoal every 10-15 minutes. Otherwise, it may go out.

These are the basic tips, following which you will get rid of the problem with the attenuation of coals. Remember that hookah cooking is an art that requires careful attention. Enjoy smoking!