Why Does the Hookah Turn Out Tasteless Or the Taste Disappears Quickly

hy Does the Hookah Turn Out Tasteless

In order to make a competent shisha Dubai that everyone can enjoy, you need to try many different combinations. Combinations of tobaccos, shisha bowls, amount of coals, amount of water in the flask, the design of the hookah itself - everything will contribute to the final result. Today we will talk about a situation where you seem to have done everything right, but either the hookah quickly loses flavor or there is no flavor at all.

Why You Can't Taste the Shisha

In this question everything is not so unambiguous. First, the taste perception depends on your receptors. If you score a shisha after an illness, such as Covid, or after a spicy/hot meal, your receptors may be dulled or blocked. They usually recover within three weeks, so if you burned your tongue with tea, don't worry, the taste sensation will soon return to you. But with Covid is not so unambiguous - experts say about the possible loss of taste even for a year.

To check the reason why you can't taste the shisha, buy a few saturated tobaccos to try. But if even then you don't feel anything - then it's a matter of the receptors and you either need to wait, giving up salty, spicy and sweet foods, or see a doctor.

Technical Problems

It is not only problems with the receptors that can cause the flavor of the shisha to disappear. It depends on how and where you put the coals. How often you wash the shaft of the hookah. How long ago you changed the silicone hose and seals. Cleanliness of the hookah is the minimum requirement for good flavor delivery. Every six months, you should replace the hose and gaskets, because silicone absorbs flavorings little by little.

Weak taste of the hookah can also give its design. So, for example, on devices whose internal diameter exceeds 14 mm, the flavor transfer is noticeably lower.

The Way You Put Tobacco in the Bowl

The Way You Put Tobacco in the Bowl

You may not be able to taste the flavor of your shisha because of the particular way you put tobacco in the bowl; perhaps you put too much or not enough tobacco. Try to radically change your approach to the location of tobacco - score it in a touch or on the contrary, fluff up the tobacco, making a well in the middle. There are no universal options - everyone likes something different. Moreover, a lot depends on the configuration of your bowl. So experiment to see what works for you.


Burning tobacco can occur for several reasons. The first is insufficient heating. If you do not let the hookah warm up, the top layer of tobacco starts to bake, and the tobacco simply burns as a result.

The second reason is overheating. Overheating usually occurs either if you put too many coals, or if you don't blow the shisha while smoking. The air stops circulating and the bowl continues to heat up. You can correct this situation by removing the pad and blowing the bowl from all sides.


The reason why the hookah tastes tasteless may be due to insufficient heating. To get the right temperature for the tobacco and for the bowl, leave the coals inside the shisha and cover the shisha hood/cover to let it all stand for a while.

How long to wait? It depends on the tobacco and its strength. If the tobacco is light, 5 minutes might be enough. If you took a strong flavor and a big cup - you can heat and all 10. Note the time and at the end of it take a test puff - if there is no smoke and taste at all, give the cup more time to warm up.

Shisha Charcoal

Shisha Charcoal

Bad charcoal or improper handling can ruin the taste. First, try to buy charcoal from another manufacturer - if that doesn't help, go to the next point.

Light the shisha charcoal all the way and from all sides. Before putting it on the bowl, the charcoal should be red and red-hot on all sides.

The Tobaccos

The variety of hookah tobaccos on the market is so great that it is simply impossible to try everything. But if you smoke the same brand or in general the same flavor, try to get something new. Preferably from a different price segment to feel the difference on a quality level.

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